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5 In Demand Project Management Skills for 2019

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Project management is one of the most diverse careers today. A project manager has the advantage of working in different industries such as music, media, hospitality and even sports. Project management is not an easy job because as a project manager you are expected to complete a project scope in a specific time given and sometimes with limited funds. As a project manager with future goals of reaching greater heights, you have to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills. Whether you have many years of experience or you have just graduated with a diploma, degree or even masters, there are plenty of things that you need to become a successful project manager.

Here are some of the skills that will make a great and highly demanded project manager.

Risk Management

For a project to succeed a project manager should identify, prepare for responses and analyze risk events that may affect the project negatively. Risks are uncertain events that need to be controlled for your project to become successful. Most employers hate surprises so as a good project manager being able to manage risks will be a sign that you are on top of your game.

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Before you start to execute a project, it is essential that you a have a schedule of the project in place. According to Brian Setencich, a schedule will not only help you to manage the resources provided but also will help you meet the given deadline. However, meeting the deadline is not the main objective the project has to be a success too. A schedule is important as it is sent to all the stakeholders thus keeping them in the know on how the project will be executed and how long it will take for it to be complete. The schedule should be realistic and should provide details on tasks, dependencies, duration and also milestones.

Communication And Negotiation Skills

Having good communication skills is very important as project managers need to negotiate, share their ideas, goals, issues, visions as well as product presentations and reports. When it comes to negotiating it’s not all about discussing the price with a vendor or a contractor. It is also the ability to resolve disputes among team members and other people who are involved in the project. Good negotiation and communication skills are an important asset when it comes to project execution. Most organizations value these skills so much that come 2019 the project managers with these will be on high demand.

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Cost Management

There must be money involved for any project to succeed thus the need for a project manager to create a financial budget. The project manager should create a realistic budget that will account for all the financial needs of the project. The budget is not everything the manager is also responsible for controlling the costs through project execution. Cost management is very crucial in project management and those without it will have a hard time when they have a tight budget. Every organization has its financial constraints, and as a project manager who wants to deliver the project successfully, you have to intelligently manage the finances even if you have to squeeze every cent out of the limited resources.

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Quality Management

This skill is mostly overlooked, and it’s the one that requires the most attention. Quality management skill enables the project managers to oversee the tasks and activities that are required to deliver a service or a product at the mentioned level specified on the project paperwork. Quality management will help you offer the stakeholders a better value thus boosting your demand in the market come 2019.