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February 13, 2015

Constitution Project seeks Help for Educational Video

Mark Wachtler

February 12, 2015. Linden, VA. (ONN) Twenty-five years ago, your author was warning anyone who would listen that the US Constitution was under attack. Few believed me. Today, we are among the few who believe the US Constitution was suspended in 2001 and hasn’t been the law of the land since. Again, few believe us. But suddenly millions of Americans finally seem to realize that the US Constitution is under attack at least. And a group of grassroots patriots want to make a documentary film geared toward teens and millennials to warn them.

Norris Goff, founder and president of the US Constitution Project.

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The grassroots organization based in Virginia is called the US Constitution Project and is led by Norris Goff. Their mission is to produce an educational video telling America’s younger generations what the US Constitution is and that it’s in peril. Mr. Goff first alerted us to his small team’s effort via a LinkedIn group back in December and we’ve been impressed to watch these seemingly first-time activists complete each legal and necessary step along the way to making their vision a reality.

The Hijacking of America

The US Constitution Project’s website explains, ‘During its first hundred years, our Constitution was respected around the world. Then strange theories began to evolve, and even presidential candidates disputed the Constitution. We will produce a documentary film supporting our Constitution, titled The Hijacking of America. It will be in the language of young Americans, and delivered into their hands. It will inform them of important historical facts that every American should know, but few do – even adults.’

The group is currently soliciting donations for the production costs and working on an outline and written script. The US Constitution Project is a tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) organization. According to the website, the effort was launched with an $11,000 donation by the organization’s president Norris Goff. Since then, outside donations have been coming in since last month but have only totaled a few hundred dollars.

According to organizers, contributions wouldn’t only be used for the making of the film. They’d also be used for other specific needs like the professional development of an accompanying website, script writers, producers, and even social media volunteers. ‘We must recruit qualified people who believe in our cause and will commit to help create the movie The Hijacking of America and make it a success,’ they inform the project’s supporters, ‘The commitment may be on a voluntary basis or for pay. With their consent, bios of these people will be included in the campaign promotion.’

Project status report

In a recent email to potential supporters, the US Constitution Project’s Norris Goff wrote, ‘The enthusiastic grassroots support our project continues to receive provides assurance of success.’ He went on to give a couple examples.

‘Stephanie from Ft. Myers wrote, “I’m most interested in finding out if there are any hands on ways that I could get involved”,’ the email quoted. It went on to cite another supporter, ‘Tom from Texas wrote, “I retired from law enforcement to teach the truth of the American founding. I have been trying to make a difference one student at a time. Together we can reach and teach the truth to thousands of students and their teachers.”’

Goff says he sent the announcement to 1,000 like-minded people on LinkedIn. He also gives a sense of what direction the project is going when he says they have, ‘tentatively concluded that the documentary should consist of a series of presentations, each to fit within the attention span of a teenager. An initial list of the topics has been produced. The script for each segment can be written by a different scholar. Narration should be by one or more individuals, in the youthful language of their audience. These discussions will continue on a low-key basis until we get past the initial funding hurdle.’

For more information on the US Constitution Project and their effort to produce the documentary film, ‘The Hijacking of America’, visit their website.


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