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5 Tips to Turn Your Home Addition Into a Lovely Nursery

Home Addition Into a Lovely Nursery
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Turning your home addition into a lovely nursery is a way for you to welcome a new baby into your space with excitement and eagerness, especially if you’re doing so for the first time.

If you’re having a baby via surrogacy, there are many ways to consider updating and renovating your home addition to transform it into the nursery of your dreams.

1. Plan Ahead of Time

Planning your new nursery ahead of time will help you ensure you love the outcome of any look you’re going for in the new space. If you’re working with a surrogate, you’ll also want to plan for the expenses of the process in advance for an optimal experience.

Determining the overall cost of surrogacy will vary based on your surrogate’s individual needs, expenses, and if you require the assistance of an egg donor. The cost of surrogacy may also depend on whether you’re expecting more than one baby and other medical issues or circumstances that may arise while your surrogate is pregnant.

2. Shop at Thrift Stores for Decor

Thrift Stores for Decor
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Shopping at local thrift stores for decor is a great way to save money on items you want to place in your nursery once it’s completed. If you’re experiencing the surrogacy process, you’ll have plenty of time to shop around to find the best deals on new furnishings, decor, and more for your baby’s new nursery space. The entire surrogate process will likely take between 12 and 13 months in total.

3. Seek Inspiration Locally and Online

If you’re finding it a bit challenging to plan for the look of your new nursery or if you’re not creative when it comes to design, you can also seek inspiration locally and online.

Finding inspiration for renovations and DIY nursery projects has never been easier than with various online DIY groups and communities dedicated to home renovations and home additions.

Approximately 55% of homeowners renovated a part of their home in the past year. You can invest in a home addition to ensure you have a special space carved out for your newborn to rest and play once they grow.

4. Use Soft Color Palettes

Soft Color Palettes
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If you want your new baby to feel comfortable, calm, and welcome in their new nursery, you’ll want to stick to choosing calming paint palettes, especially when it comes time to select the main colors for your child’s new nursery. Choosing soft color palettes that include light colors, neutrals, and even pastels is more calming and less jarring than bright or vivid reds.

Compare different soft color palettes and paint brands that you prefer to go with by visiting a local home improvement store or by researching and comparing various paint solutions, colors, and texture options ahead of time by researching online.

5. Choose a Theme

If you’re stuck during the process of transforming a home addition into a lovely nursery, you may want to go with a theme that’s easy to shop for and decorate with, depending on your preferences and the gender of your baby.

Choosing a theme for your nursery will make it much easier for you to begin browsing for decor items, paint colors, and even furnishings, such as a crib or even a rocking chair. If you want to learn more about current trends and popular themes, you can do so by joining various online DIY groups, parenting communities, or even decor forums, based on the look you’re going for in the space.

Turning your new home addition into a nursery will allow you to make the most of your available space while also providing your new baby with a room of their own. With a bit of brainstorming and plenty of inspiration, you can get started on building the nursery you’ve always wanted for your child.

Taking the time to turn your home addition into a welcoming nursery will ensure your baby feels safe, protected, and loved at all times.