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Chartered Status for Project Management Becomes a Reality

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Training to become a project manager means putting in hard work to get to grips with PMBOK (Project Management Book of Knowledge). This is the industry standard in terms of project management. For those looking for certification as a project management professional, knowing the PMBOK in depth is essential.

The great thing about PMBOK is that the principles can be applied to almost any business, so attaining a certification means having a distinct advantage when applying for any project management position.

A Constantly Growing Industry

Project management is a constantly growing industry and one that university students now have the ability to achieve chartered status in. Nottingham Trent University in the UK has become the first university in the world to achieve Recognized Assessment to Chartered Project Professional (ChPP) status. We are sure that universities in the U.S. will soon follow suit, giving students here the opportunity to achieve chartered status in this lucrative industry.

Working towards such a certification will ensure future project managers have an in-depth understanding of how to take projects to successful completion.

Going back to Nottingham Trent University, for it to attain Recognized Assessment, it had to be aligned with industry standards and meet specific technical knowledge requirements. There was also an assessment by the QAA (Quality Assurance Agency). In addition, mandatory and elective competencies had to be completed, which demonstrated a thorough knowledge of how projects should be delivered successfully.

Using Software Programs to Increase Understanding

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Here in the U.S., to achieve PMP (Project Managers Professionals), individuals have to demonstrate their knowledge of PMBOK. Once they do this, they can gain accreditation from the Project Management Institute (PMI). We are sure the ability to achieve chartered status will be something that U.S. students can also achieve in universities throughout the states in the not too distant future.

In the meantime, those with an eye on a career in project managing can use online project management software to help them get ahead.

As suggested by the experts from Seattle-based LiquidPlanner, using such programs allows you to gain knowledge of the principles of PMBOK. Moreover, as many top companies are already using project planning software programs, your understanding and knowledge of such systems could prove an advantage when it comes to securing a job.

How Does Software Help Within the Industry?

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Project management can be a stressful and difficult job, irrespective of whether the project is large or small. Being responsible for the on-time completion of a project requires management of both a team and a variety of tasks.

It will be your job to assign tasks to each member and monitor progress throughout the lifetime of the project. You will also need to ensure that the project stays within budget to satisfy senior management and/or stakeholders.

With the best project management software, taking care of all the elements of project management becomes much more streamlined and transparent. Every stage of the project is documented. As tasks are assigned to members, everyone knows exactly what he/she is responsible for.

Today, there are even software programs that adapt to change automatically as the project progresses. With a project schedule that is always reflecting real-time, you will find it easier to bring a project to successful completion.

With project management growing as an industry, getting ahead of the game is a wise move for anyone considering a career in this field, and one of the best ways to do this is to get to grips with a software program.