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Welcome Coupon Codes: The Best Way to Save Up to 80%

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The seller knows that what the buyer wants is to save. So, they will try to convince you that you’ll save when you shop at their store. One effective approach that they’ll use to entice you is offering you a welcome coupon code. The code is meant to make you feel appreciated and to promise you significant saving if you decide to make an order. There are also many other types of discounts you can make use of. CouponCause.com is the best place to check for online coupons for your favorite store. Their database is huge and you can find a lot of deals.

If you have even visited a site for the first time, you must have come across these codes. They feature a set of letters and numbers. Each coupon is very unique and is meant to be used once on a single transaction. Depending on the purchases you make, you may enjoy up to 80% off. This is because each welcome discount offer comes in the form of a discount of some sort.

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What Welcome Coupon Code Promises

We have already said that a welcome offer promises a discount. The whole idea is to promise you some saving. The saving may come in the following ways:


This type of discount is very simple. The welcome coupon promises you that you’ll pay an amount that is smaller than the normal retail price. For example, you may be promised $10 off if your first order reaches $100. So, there’s always a minimum purchase limit that you need to meet.


Here, you are promised a discount in the form of a percentage off. Literary, the percentage off is more like money-off. So, a higher percentage means more saving. But still, it’s smart to first calculate the amount that you’ll pay in relation to the saving that you are promised before you can use this kind of discount.

Free Item

Though rare, there are situations where you can be offered a free item for using a welcome coupon code. This means that you are guaranteed 100% saving. The condition may be signing up for a newsletter or a customer account. The only thing to consider here is that you don’t claim an item that you may never need.

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Free Shipping

So many sellers offer this kind of offer to encourage you to make the first purchase. However, there is always a catch to the offer. You may need to meet a minimum limit before you can activate the free shipping. So, the secret is to at least target the minimum purchase limit. But still, you have to calculate the cost of shipping so as to know if you are really making a significant saving or not.

How to Get the Most Out of Welcome Coupon Codes

For you to enjoy up to 80% using a welcome discount offer you have to apply a few hacks:

1. The Power of Timing

The timing is very crucial for savings and sales. So many online stores offer welcome coupon codes during the festive season and around the beginning and end of the month. Visiting the stores at such times is, therefore, a smart strategy.

2. Know the Terms

It’s important that you fully understand the terms for the coupon codes before you can use them. For example, 50% off is not the same as $50 off. Sometimes, $50 may mean getting more than 50%. So, you have to calculate the saving before you can redeem the code.

3. Meet Minimum Order Limits

So many stores offer you coupon codes when you meet their minimum first purchase limit. So, you have to prioritize this. The moment you surpass the limit, you are guaranteed a discount.

4. Compare the Deals

When shopping for a particular item, it’s likely that close competitors have the same deals, including welcome offers. Consequently, it may be smart to first compare their coupon codes before you can make your first purchase. This allows you to settle on the store that offers the most savings.

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5. Use Multiple Devices

Visiting a specific store using multiple devices allow you the opportunity to get multiple welcome coupon codes. This is workable if you have more than one email for the sign-ups.

6. Take Note of the Deadline

Most welcome coupon codes come with a deadline. So often, the deadline is in the form of a running down timer. You are expected to beat the clock to get the discount. Therefore, you shouldn’t waste time at all.

As a new customer on a particular online store, there’s no easier way for you to enjoy massive saving than to use a promo offer. You just have to know how it works and what you can do to maximize your savings. Hopefully, the above guide will help you with this.