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Tyler1 Net Worth 2018/2019

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Tyler1 is a popular American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who became prominent when he started streaming League of Legends. He remains to be one of the most athletic personalities around and plays tough in all his streams. Born Tyler Steinkamp on 6th of March 1995, he attended Mark Twain Senior High School and then went to the Central Methodist University where he played football as well assuming the role of the running back. Currently, he has earned a net worth of $750 thousand and it’s still counting.  

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Tyler1’s Twitch account with the name “loltyler1” has more than 1.9 million followers and the account has managed to amass above 89 million views in total. He has earned such respect and love through streaming videos of his favorite game League of Legends from Riot Games. He, primarily, takes the role of a Draven in his LOL videos. Tyler1 has also experimented with some other games as well such as Outlast and Overwatch. With the passage of time, he has been able to build his reputation among those most toxic of LOL players around in North America. In 2016, Riot Games banned him from LOL and the reasons after that ban included excessive and unnecessary verbal abuse, intentional feeding, player harassment, account sharing and trolling. However, that ban lifted after two years and he has made a comeback in January 2018. On that grand return of his, he managed to attract 350000 plus live viewers – what a star he is.  

Besides being the fantasy on Twitch, Tyler1 has also gained a massive fanbase on the popular YouTube platform as well. The name of his channel is exactly the same on YouTube as his Twitch account i.e. ‘lolTyler1’. This channel was set up back in 2014. The frequency of his uploads is only 2-3 videos a week and even this has helped his channel grow to more than 1 million subscribers who have watched his videos more than 147 million times. That’s quite a number for sure. Some of his selected uploads are “Tyler1 vs Phreak”, “Draven Hype Montage”, “Returning to League of Legends”, and “Painting with Bob Ross”. Furthermore, there are thousands of his fans on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as well.  

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Personal Information 

Tyler1 is mixed and is arount 5ft 6in in height. Currently, he’s residing in New London, Missouri and his net worth has risen to around $750 thousand. His earnings are primarily from Twitch donations, YouTube, and merchandise sale (phone cases, hoodies, reformed tees). He’s also selling a pre-workout supplement brand with the name Blood Rush which has also contributed to his net worth considerably. Currently, Tyler1 is also dating with Macaiyla – the popular Instagram star who has a large following on the social platform. She has also made some cameos in quite a few of the live streams from Tyler1. These two are getting along quite well and will keep impressing their fans for sure.