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TimTheTatman Net Worth 2018/2019

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TimTheTatman is a popular partnered streamer on TwitchYouTuber, and an internet personality. The number of his followers on Twitch has gone past 2.9 million and he has more than 860K subscribers on YouTube as well. The top games that he plays include the World of WarcraftFortnite Battle Royale and Counter Strike. Ever since he has made his debut, he has collaborated with different popular streamers with the likes of Ninja, TSM Myth and DrLupo among several others. Born Timothy John Betar, TimTheTatman came into this world on 8th of April in 1990. He was just 15 years of age when his mother died. He’s been a video game player for a very long time. One among his favorite games included “The Hunt for Red October” which featured on Super Nintendo Console. His current net worth stands at $1 Million.  

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TimTheTatman started working as social worker in the beginning of his career as a streamer. He became Partner on Twitch back in 2014 after which he became a full time streamer and streams 6 days every week. The number of his followers on Twitch is more than 2.9 million and that makes him one of most followed streamers on Twitch. The fans are described by him as the “TatManArmy” which certainly makes one of most bizarre communities around. He has been streaming quite a few different video games that include Black Ops, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Fortnite, and Global Offensive. In the month of April in 2018, he joined hands with Ninja and DrLupo for charity purposes and they’ve together raised in excess of $340 thousand for #Clips4Kids event.  

Besides streaming his videos on Twitch, TimTheTatman is also active on YouTube too. He created the self-titled YouTube channel in the beginning of 2013. Furthermore, he started sharing Call of Duty: Black Ops highlights and later switched to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive as well. There are more than 860K subscribers to the channel at present with his video views crossing the figure of 77 million. Some of the most viewed uploads from TimTheTatman include “Reacts to birthday vid from mods”, “Fishing for Noobs” and “12000 Scam”. Tim maintains a massive following on Instagram as well with the number reaching more than 1.3 million. As for twitter, he has more than 715K followers there.  

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Personal Information 

TimTheTatman is 6ft high and his star sign is Aries. He believes in Christianity and has a few tattoos on his body as well. As per the revelations made by him, he has a couple of sleeves, a piece on the chest and one on right thigh. They are all non game-related. His net worth is estimated at around $1 million and most of his salary comes from Twitch subscribers/donations as well as YouTube advertising. He has also made more than 13 Thousand dollars through prize money which he earned from his appearances in 4 different tournaments. Some of his sponsors include CyberPowerPC, Monster Energy, Audio-Technica, and Razer Inc. He also earns from the sale of his merchandise as well which includes Jerseys, mugs, tees, stickers, phone cases, and hats.  

In the latter part of 2015 he got engaged to his girlfriend Alexis and they tied knots in the next year. Reportedly, they met in the high school first. Alexis has also made appearances in TimTheTatman’s streams as well.