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Summit1g Net Worth 2018/2019

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Born in the state of Colorado in 1987, Summit1g is a popular Twitch streamer and an internet personality. Also known by his real name Jaryd Lazar, the online world knows this webstar by his online name i.e. Summit1G. Maintaining an estimated $1.3million net worth, the online star holds American nationality and has a huge following on platforms like Twitch and YouTube.  

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Summit1G has been a star performer and video game lover ever since his childhood. However, he had no plans of becoming a gaming professional at that time. All he used to do was to upload some of his gaming videos to his accounts on social media back in December 2011. And, when people started to like his gaming videos, he decided to completely venture into gaming. He started his professional career by opening his Twitch account after which he took full advantage of his gaming abilities by live streaming his gameplay.  

At that time, he was also working as call representative for Warner Cable Company. After some time, however, he left that job and started focusing full time on his career as a professional video game player and a live streamer. With his increased focus, he became a wonderful player of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and started playing the game on invites without becoming a permanent member of any team. His live streams have been popular ever since 2012 and over the years he has been able to build a huge fan base and has millions of followers on Twitch.  

Besides his gaming live streams, Summit1g also takes pride in streaming pre-fight conference of Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. and that really brought a lot more fans and followers to his live streaming channels. At present, he takes pride in being one of top streamers on Twitch with his subscribers crossing three million mark. Besides, his YouTube following is immense as well and the streamer has above 450k subscribers there as well.  

His current estimated net worth is $1.3 million and he’s been consistently moving up and rising high ever since he started his career. His videos on Twitch have received above 69 million views. He managed to secure 7th position in the ESEA Invite Season 15 that took place in 2013. According to reports, he had won around $3000 reward from the 6 eSports competitions too. Besides, he bagged $29000 from Alienware gaming community as well. He owns Nissan GT-R Nismo that he bought for a whopping $150000.  

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Personal Information 

As far as his personal life is concerned, the internet star has had some relationships by now. His girlfriend really is great company for him as she’s also a streamer on Twitch and goes by the name Desirae Lazar. Both of them were not just lovers but also partners as well. They’ve kept the personal life of theirs secret and hidden from media so that they could avoid getting caught up in any controversy or celebrity hoax. They got married later on but then parted ways in 2016. However, they are still good friends and they work together quite often as well.