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The top 7 dedicated server hosting solutions of 2019

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Nowadays, it is almost impossible to imagine a company without its representation on the internet. Regardless of the purpose of your online resource, it is important to decide which hosting service to choose from. Types of hosting services are diverse and are selected depending on the complexity of your site and the general purposes of using hosting.  How do we decide if web hosting is good? What type of hosting should you go with? We will answer these questions and more. A shared hosting account is cheap, easy to maintain and sufficient for most new sites. However, they are not as good and reliable as dedicated hosting. A dedicated server is one of the most powerful options for hosting resource-intensive sites and/or for sites with huge traffic.

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Unlike other types of hosting, dedicated server hosting is a full-fledged physical dedicated server that personally belongs to you. Dedicated server hosting comes with several benefits. It enables you to install any software on the server, add plugins, restart at any time, personalize features, and many more. Unlike shared hosting servers, you don’t have to worry that someone else could affect the operation of your site. It is also important to know where your web hosting server operates from since it also determines the speed of your website. We have listed the seven most widely used and recommended dedicated server hosting solutions for you.

1. SERVERMANIA: was founded in 2002 as B2 Net Solutions in Toronto, Canada. It provides several web-based hosting facilities and has data center facilities located in Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Europe which gives you flexibility in choosing the location of your servers. With a 24×7 expert support at your disposal who are known to respond within 15 Minute, Servermania tops our list. The network speed for its dedicated servers is unbelievably 1 GBps. It provides a wide variety of base configurations to choose from and also provides customized configuration to meet the needs of your business.

Price Range: $ 70 – $ 295 / month with 4 to 20 core CPU, 32 to 64 GB RAM, 500 to 1000 GB Storage.

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2. LIQUID WEB: Liquid Web is considered the best of many providers providing dedicated, fully managed servers. It provides different options for dedicated servers, and also allows you to even create your own unique set of options. They are widely known for their high-quality customer support. Companies like Motorola, ESPN, Red Bull rely on Liquid web for hosting their servers.

Price range: $ 199 – $ 549 / month with 4 to 16 core CPU, 16 to 64 GB RAM, 480 to 1920 GB disk storage, and 5 to 15 TB Bandwidth.

3. ISPSERVER: ISPserver has a user-friendly interface. The prices for dedicated hosting are quite low compared to other web hosting services. Its outstanding tech support can help you with any questions or concerns. ISPserver provides protection against DDoS-attacks and round-the-clock monitoring. This hosting is reliable and good.

Price Range: $ 122.04 – $ 744.70 / month with 4 to 36 core CPU, 16 to 64 GB RAM, and 2000 GB disk storage.

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4. FASTCOMET: offers you high-quality servers with SSD hard drives, powerful system resources and cloud storage at no extra charge. FastComet backs up all client’s database and emails to an independent storage array.  It provides a 45 days money back guarantee if dissatisfied with its service. This is an excellent solution to all tasks of your hosting.

Price Range: $ 139 to $ 419 / month with 4 to 16 core CPU, 8 to 64 GB RAM, 160 to 1280 GB disk storage, and 5 to 20 TB Bandwidth.

5. GODADDY: provides full root access and a highly customizable dedicated server hosting facility. It charges separately for backing up files and databases. It provides incredibly fast and efficient data processing which saves time. Along with all the features, it also provides world-class technical assistance.

Price Range: $ 95.33 – $ 177.74 / month with 4 core CPU, 4 to 32 GB RAM, 1 to 2 TB of disk storage, and unlimited Bandwidth.

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6. BLUEHOST: While the site provides easy navigation, the technical specifications provided are very short. It provides a full refund within 30 days after purchase Automatic backups are performed daily and monthly only for virtual hosting packages. Bluehost provides round-the-clock customer support.

Price Range: $ 70.33 – $ 105.50 / month with 4 core CPU, 4 to 16GB RAM, 500 GB to 1 TB disk storage, and 5 to 15 TB Bandwidth.

7. IPAGE: is perfectly balanced, convenient and understandable. It provides complete control over your hosting environment with an unrestricted ability to install software or plugins. It also provides seamless migration facilities of the databases and emails. iPage provides optimum security and lightning speed interface.

Price Range: $ 119.99 – $ 191.99 / month with 2 core – 4 core CPU, 4 to 16 GB RAM, 500 GB to 1500 GB disk space, and 5 to 15 TB Bandwidth.

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Depending on the purpose of your online presence and target area, you should wisely choose the dedicated server hosting services. We hope that this list will save your time while deciding which hosting service to choose for your website.