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Educational software as a means of teaching

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Teaching as a joint activity of the teacher and students is divided into two related processes: teaching as the activity of the teacher and that of learning as the activity of the student. The teacher represents the interests of society and has the obligation to teach and educate school children.

The Teaching-Learning process has as an essential purpose to contribute to the integral formation of the personality of the student and the student, constituting the fundamental way for the acquisition of knowledge, procedures, skills, norms of behaviors and values ​​bequeathed by humanity.

Educational software as a means of teaching

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The teaching means are the mediating tools of the teaching-learning process used by teachers and students, which contribute to active participation, both individual and collective, on the object of knowledge. Media is not only used by teachers but must be of real use to students for the development of interaction and specific skills.

Some definitions show it as Graf Werner, Kurt Mocker and Gunter Weisman, German professors who consider “as teaching means and teaching materials in general, to the means that were consciously created for the pedagogical process on the basis of teaching documents, taking advantage of the pedagogical knowledge, and that serve the one who teaches and the one who learns to carry out didactic processes ”.

That is why the use of the computer in the classroom implies a greater degree of abstraction of actions, awareness, and anticipation of what is often done “automatically”, stimulating the passage of sensory-motor behaviors to behaviors operative, generalizing reversibility at all levels of thought.

The computer can interact with the user through textual stimuli, graphics, color, sound, animations; It is able to process the information and show the result of what the user asked to do. Interactivity is a quality that differentiates it from other means, should be considered as the main indicator for its use.

The concept of educational software has been addressed by different authors, attributing dissimilar definitions in spite of which the potentialities are imposed and their absolute basis in the principles of teaching for their link in the teaching-learning process.

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It is a program created with the specific purpose of being used as a didactic means, that is to facilitate the teaching-learning process. Another example, wordcounttool.com as a site that facilitates the learning of writing by counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and many more.

Educational software is characterized by being highly interactive, based on the use of multimedia resources, such as videos, sounds, photographs, specialized dictionaries, explanations from experienced teachers, exercises and instructional games that support the evaluation and diagnostic functions.

The objective is to make the exchange more efficient: increase satisfaction, reduce frustration and, in short, make the tasks surrounding students more productive, hence: What advantages or benefits does work with educational software provide?

– It allows interactivity with students, feedback and evaluating what they have learned, through it the problem can be demonstrated as such.
– Facilitate animated representations.
– It affects the development of skills through exercise.
– It allows simulating complex processes.
– Reduces the time available to impart a large amount of knowledge facilitating a differentiated work, introducing the student to work with computerized media.

The use of the software by the teacher provides numerous advantages, including:

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– It enriches the field of Pedagogy by incorporating cutting-edge technology that revolutionizes teaching-learning methods.
– It constitutes a new, attractive, dynamic and rich source of knowledge.
–  They can adapt the software to the characteristics and needs of their group taking into account the diagnosis in the teaching-learning process, which allows them to increase their quality.
– They allow controlling the teaching tasks individually or collectively.
– They show the interdisciplinary of the subjects.

So it is clear that educational software cannot be separated from modern education.