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5 Reasons to Contact an Attorney After a Car Accident

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Data shows that upwards of 50 million people annually are injured or disabled worldwide as a result of car accidents. Here in the U.S., more than 2.3 million are injured or disabled every year. More than 37,000 die from injuries sustained in car crashes.

While millions of drivers go their entire lives without ever being involved in an accident, those who are unfortunate enough to be seriously injured have the courts to look to for justice. But if a driver is going to prevail in court, he or she must retain a competent personal injury attorney.

Have you ever been involved in a car accident? If so, you know what it’s like dealing with the aftermath. If not, you need to know how important it is to contact an attorney following a crash. Below are five reasons explaining why.

1. Evidence and Witnesses

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The VG Law Group, a Florida personal injury firm, counts the need to preserve evidence and interview witnesses as one of the most important reasons to contact an attorney. Florida is a no-fault state, so establishing whether or not a driver has a legitimate claim often rests in how effectively evidence is gathered and preserved.

A Florida personal injury lawyer knows what it takes to satisfy Florida law. Likewise, a Texas personal injury lawyer knows what it takes to satisfy the law in the Lone Star State. Accident victims who wait too long to contact attorneys may be losing out on that expertise.

2. Understanding the Law

The second reason for contacting an attorney is to help you understand the law as it applies to your situation. Assuming you either can or cannot sue doesn’t mean anything. Your rights do not depend on your perceptions, they depend on the law. A personal injury attorney can go through your case point-by-point, apply what the law says, and then advise you from there.

3. Documenting Injuries

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Let’s say you do have a legitimate case following a car crash. In order to satisfy the courts, you’re going to need to document everything. You will need to document your injuries, your medical costs, any lost income, property damage, etc. Do you know what it takes to produce documents that would satisfy a court? A personal injury attorney does.

4. Pursuing Compensation

The whole point of contacting a personal injury attorney is to pursue any compensation you are entitled to. Whether you are contacting a Florida personal injury attorney or a counterpart in Texas, your goal is always the same. As such, it makes sense to contact an attorney as quickly as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it is for your attorney.

Of course, receiving urgent medical care is the first priority. After that, you can contact an attorney, deal with the police, call your insurance company, and so forth.

5. Negotiating a Settlement

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Your average personal injury attorney prefers to settle with insurance companies rather than going to court. Why? Because the court is costly, a court is time-consuming, and litigation never guarantees a win. Pursuing a settlement is usually a safer and more profitable option.

Again, speed is of the essence. Contacting an attorney right away increases the chances of negotiating a good settlement. Waiting for months gives the opposing attorney the upper hand in negotiations. You obviously don’t want that, which is why you contact an attorney as soon as you possibly can.

Personal injury attorneys make excellent advocates following a car crash. If you are ever involved in an accident, contact an attorney right away – even if you think the accident was minor.