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5 Tips On Getting Genuine Followers On Instagram

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Though it started as a fun app, Instagram quickly outgrew the “fun area”, and become a serious marketing tool. Today, it provides you with networking, serving content, and building your brand.

Almost everyone is building the audience on this social media. Today, it has become one of the most popular networking sites on the entire planet. Instagram has over 200 million monthly active members who share over 60 million images in just one day. According to some data, the brand rate engaging is 58 times higher on Instagram than on Facebook. Impressive isn’t it?

So how to get to more followers on Instagram? Here are a few tips.

1. Cross-promotion Of Your Hashtag

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You have probably created a hashtag for your company, but who will know to use it? Or how to share content you provide? You have to make sure you put your hashtag in your profile. What more, you can print it on your flyers, print ads, etc. If you have a radio or TV campaign you should use them also to direct people to your hashtag. When you integrate both, online and offline campaigns you can make a success. That way, you’ll ensure it’s listed everywhere – on your social profiles, website, and in your email newsletters. Invest some effort in this, because people will not find you without it.

2. Get Creative When Describing Your Photos

A picture tells a lot, but not everything! We mustn’t forget the text next to the photo. Some brands are extremely successful in their storytelling next to their photos on Instagram. Like many other Instagram marketing tools, this is a thing you need to commit to. You must work on your marketing strategy over time, and be sure – it’ll pay you off. One thing is certain…Your writing skills will improve and you’ll be able to find your Instagram brand voice.

3. Invest In Your Followers

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Many people ask themselves whether this is a good idea. If you need followers for your business, the answer is – yes! This way you will be able to promote your product or your services. For this purpose, you should use some of the reliable professional companies that provide you to get genuine Instagram followers at very reasonable prices. Many brands have confirmed their online presence by using Krootez for Building a Personal Brand On Social Media. These tools will most surely help you in establishing a brand online as well as in reaching popularity. For what it’s worth, buying followers will take less time and effort to reach the results, than if you’re starting from absolute scratch.

4. Take Part In Some Widely Popular Topics And Conversations

The specific hashtags can give you the opportunity to intrigue people and get their reactions. That doesn’t mean you need to use provocative hashtags. On the contrary. It is advisable to use a mix of your relevant topic-hashtags with the trending-hashtag options. That way, you’ll trigger people’s reactions and get noticeable on Instagram.

5. Work On Developing Personal Style On Instagram

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Though in real life we want to fit in, that rule does not work on Instagram. If you want to get noticed on this social media, you need to stand out from your competitors. And the competition online is large. Therefore you need to work on things such as your visual and content style. They must be unique, interesting and recognizable to users.