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4 Compelling Reasons to See a Therapist Regularly

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Therapy and mental illness still carry a certain stigma that keeps people from seeking help when they’re struggling. It also keeps them from being vocal about being in therapy or seeing a counselor.

But did you know that over 40% of Americans have seen a therapist at some point in their lives? 13% of Americans are currently in therapy. That’s almost 4.5 million people!

You might think that just because you aren’t cripplingly depressed or experiencing horrible anxiety that you don’t need therapy. But the truth is, everyone can benefit from it. 

Keep reading for 4 reasons to see a therapist no matter what you’re going through.

1. Treat Mental Health Issues

While a mental health issue isn’t required to see a therapist, there’s no doubt that therapy can help those struggling with mental health issues. And remember: 1 in 4 people do struggle with mental illness, so there’s a good chance that you or a loved one are affected.

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psychologist or counselor can help you understand and work through mental health issues like anxiety disorders, depression, panic disorders, phobias, addiction, eating disorders, and more.

A psychiatrist can also prescribe medication to work alongside talk therapy to help with your mental illness.

This is also helpful if you have a family member with mental health issues. Those issues and interactions with that person can have huge effects on us too. Therapy can help us work through these issues and situations.

2. Work Through Trauma

Trauma refers to anything distressful, hurtful, or disturbing. Some examples of trauma include:

  • Divorce
  • Childhood abuse
  • Sexual assault
  • Breakups
  • Assault
  • Experience in war
  • Health diagnosis (cancer, terminal illness, etc)
  • Death of a loved one
  • Car accident
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These traumas deeply affect how we act and react to events and situations. They can lead to mental health issues like anxiety, panic, and depression. 

Therapy helps us to work through our trauma and develop healthy coping mechanisms. 

3. Feel Happier

Studies show that therapy is one of the most effective methods for feeling happier, even more so than money! Because it can help you treat your mental health issues as well as work through difficult life events, you’ll feel better and happier while seeing a therapist.

4. Learn to Problem Solve the Right Way

You don’t necessarily need a mental health diagnosis or have mental health issues to see a therapist. Therapists can help all of us learn how to handle situations and issues in our lives in a healthy and productive way.

Have you been struggling to communicate with your partner? What about pushing people away when you’re upset? Or dealing with an annoying co-worker?

Therapists can help you dissect the problem and look at possible solutions.

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Reasons to See a Therapist: Final Thoughts 

These are just 4 of the hundreds of reasons to see a therapist. Therapy helps you understand yourself better, connect with your goals, and work through any problematic or toxic behaviors, regardless of whether you have a mental illness or not.

It’s especially helpful for those who’ve gone through trauma. If you think you could have PTSD as a result of a car accident, check out this article to learn about your options.