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Why Internet Therapy is NOT For You If You’re Suicidal.

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In recent years, e-counseling has become more and more popular. It’s made therapy more accessible, more socially accessible, and more affordable for a lot of people, and many people have begun to work through mental health issues that they may have previously struggled to get help with.

That said, e-counseling certainly isn’t the end-all solution for all of our mental health problems – particularly for those who are struggling with suicidal thoughts. Even with all of the benefits, which are listed on E-counseling.com, there are a number of reasons why e-counseling might not be the best solution for someone who is considering committing suicide.

There is no face-to-face connection

Face to face interaction is important in social settings. So, imagine how important it is regarding therapy. While you might be able to connect with a therapist over video chat, you’re still not getting the same degree of face-to-face connection that you would if you were talking to someone in person. This is incredibly important when dealing with intensely emotional situations because subtle messages, movements, and tones of voice can help you to more deeply understand and appreciate the compassion and concern that an individual is sharing for you.

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It’s impersonal

In some cases, talking to a friend or a family member may actually prove more beneficial than seeing a therapist, especially in regard to suicide.

This is because, despite the fact that a good therapist will put a great deal of effort into getting to know you, they will likely not know you as well as your friends or family. People who have shared experiences with you, who know the nuances of your personality, and who enjoy having you in their lives – whether or not you believe that they do – are great to talk to when you’re having suicidal thoughts.

That said, if you have very few friends or family members and are unable to reach a traditional counselor, e-counseling is a more viable option than nothing. In fact, seeing a therapist is recommended regardless of whether or not you have a good support network of friends and family.

It keeps you glued to the screen

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As beneficial as e-counseling maybe for some people, it requires that you give a great deal of attention to a smartphone or a laptop. Overuse of these technologies has been known to contribute to things like depression, and this may not be the best if you’re feeling suicidal.

In Conclusion

A good therapist may be able to encourage you to make some changes, but the changes that you need to make won’t likely be made through your smartphone. It’s important that you seek help, but it’s best to do it with someone that you can connect with in person.

They will encourage you to reach out to friends and family, make lifestyle changes that encourage you to be yourself, and help you to understand why you’re feeling suicidal in the first place.