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Recumbent Bike vs. Upright Exercise Indoor Cycle – Top Workout Brands & Reviews

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Are you trying to learn all you can about exercise bikes so that you can make an informed decision about which type is right for you and your specific needs?  If so, then it’s important to compare and contrast the different kinds of bikes to understand what each type can offer!

Let’s take a closer look at two specific kinds of exercise bikes that can be found on the Achieve Fitness homepage and three main points to consider for each type of bike!

Recumbent Bikes

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  1. First, if you happen to have concerns about the support a cycle can offer or perhaps health concerns like lower back, knee, hip or even neurological ailments, then the recumbent bike should be high on your list. Recumbent bikes are known for specifically offering the user extra and more comfortable support.  For example, the seat is large, comfortable and provides plenty of support for your lower back.
  2. Additionally, you will find that the pedals are out in front of you, rather than below you, like on a regular outdoor bicycle. Meaning, you would have to support all of your weight with your knees and hips.  Moreover, while it tends to be necessary to stand up while cycling on other types of exercise bikes, you physically can’t do so on a recumbent bike, thus making it the safer and more relaxed option.  You will find this specific type much more low-impact and comfortable.
  3. Lastly, you can even have things like small TV screens on a recumbent bike for entertainment while you exercise!

Upright Bikes

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  1. On the other hand, an upright bike also has flattering features and is quite different, in contrast to a recumbent bike. Just as you would ride in an upright position on an outdoor bicycle, you ride in the same manner on an upright bike—hence, the name!  If you’re looking for consistency and somewhat of a more intense workout, then an upright bike should have your attention.  With an upright bike, you’ll be able to engage a wider range of muscle groups and therefore, burn more calories.  More specifically, you will be able to engage your abdominal muscles (since you’re in the upright position) as well as your upper body, since you have to put your weight on your arms and chest while cycling.
  2. That being said, if you have health problems you’re concerned about, the intensity an upright bike offers, as well as the engagement it offers your muscles, should be an important deciding factor in your decision-making process.
  3. Also, if space is potentially an issue, you might want to note that upright bikes have a much smaller footprint in comparison to recumbent bikes. Lastly, if entertainment is of importance to you, upright bikes generally do not have entertainment pieces on them as recumbent bikes do.

Ride away!

You now have a better understanding of two specific types of exercise bikes, the recumbent bike, and the upright bike, respectively.  This should assist you well when it comes to making an educated and informed decision on which type of exercise bike is best for you!  Each offers enticing options for your workout and exercise needs!