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Unique Glass Sheet Ideas To Upgrade Store Interior/Exterior


Modern stores need unique decorations both for the interior and exterior so that you can capture the attention of customers. Most commercial stores still stick to the traditional interior décor ideas, and they end up being monotonous and attractive. Interior designers in the modern era have invested in technology that makes it possible to create interior décor layouts for commercial stores.

Using glass sheets for decoration is one of the most popular approaches to upgrading the interior and exterior appearance of modern stores. When you are using these sheets for the decoration of a store, you ought to check on the quality of the glass, the durability, cost of installation and maintenance, and the mood that it introduces to your interior decor.

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Being creative and innovative is called for when you are going to use such design elements for the decoration of your interior in a modern store. Adding backsplashes, colored walls, Plexiglass sheets among other designs can transform your store from looking ugly to being modernized and unique. For store owners who are looking forward to using these modern sheets to upgrade their interior décor, they may find this article useful.

The article focuses on discussing different unique glass sheet ideas that you can adapt to upgrade your store interior and exterior. To find out more, read through the article.

Backsplashes Glass Sheets

Backsplashes have taken over the commercial stores décor in modern society. They are used to introduce a new look of walls. Usually, when backsplashes are installed, they are oriented horizontally so that they can cover more space.   If you have products that are on display on wall shelves, a backsplash can be added below the shelves so that the wall looks attractive and accentuated. Backsplashes can be of different colors depending on the preference of the store owner. When you are looking for something thematic, it would be recommended that you ask for a customized sheet which can be used for the creation of a backsplash. Usually, the backsplash color in your store should match the primary color on the walls. This does not mean however that you are limited to being creative and playing around with colors. Do not, however, go overboard with eth backsplash colors since you need your space to look attractive and flashy.

Neon Glass Sheets

Neon lights are always attractive when they are used within a store. Most store owners use neon lights to highlight products that are placed on display on shelves. When you need upgrading your interior, you can include a large glass with neon lights. The neon lights when installing at the back of the mirror helps to illuminate any products that are on display on shelves mounted in front of the large pieces. The transparency of this glass makes it a suitable material where the neon lighting can pass through effectively. Also, when choosing a neon lighting strip, you should ensure that you use one that produces light that is bright. The brightness should not be too much but just enough to highlight products and be noticed by customers visiting the sore.

Traditionally, exterior walls of commercial buildings would be made with a clear type of glass. This made them look modernized and attractive. Adding more decorations to the plain fronts in the 21st century has taken over the traditional designs. Colored frosted glass can help to upgrade your store’s interior and exterior. When a color is added for these sheets, it accentuates the space, and it becomes more attractive. The color selected for the frosted glass sheets should be unique to create a comfortable ambiance. The advantage of this type of installation is that it enhances security and privacy. People in a commercial store cannot see what is happening outside and neither can hose outside see inside. This can also be used for office spaces where employers want to make the employees concentrate on their duties.

Clear Glass Display Boxes

Within a store, the owner will always want the customers to be attracted to certain products. When customers are satisfied with the quality of the product they see on display, they could end up buying them in the long run. Having display boxes made from clear glass would help to make your store stand out. When you have valuable products such as jewelry being put on display, you can install a display box on the wall. The display box should have a door which can allow for easy retrieval of the items on display. Within the box, you can add an LED light which will help to highlight it and attract more potential customers.

Back Painted Glass Sheets

Back painted glass is suitable for decorating the interior walls of a store. When one of its sides is painted with certain colors, it becomes difficult to see through them. If such a sheet is installed on a wall in a store, hooks can be fitted on the front side and certain products hanged on it. In addition to this, the back painted sheet installed on a wall should be well lit so that the products hooked on it can be seen from a distance. The color of the back painted glass should be selected to match the interior painting of the commercial store. When you need ensuring g that your store is unique and noticeable by new customers, you should have a signature theme that is used for all the painting work.

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Forever Trendy Patterned Glass Sheets

Patterned pieces are trendy and flashy. When creating patterned glass, one side is filled with particular designs of a pattern that can make your stores exterior walls look amazing and unique. These sheets that are patterned can include any design that will help you make your business identifiable and known to the potential customers in the target market. Most people fail to identify suitable patterns that can sell them to the target market around them.

For this reason, the patterns can be accentuated by the use of colored glass in different places. They can be painted with any color so that the patterns are more visible and attractive to the people who see them. Usually, when patterned sheets are used for exterior walls of a commercial store, the patterns should be on the outer side so that they are visible to the customers and passersby.

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Self-Cleaning Glass

Keeping their surfaces clean at all times is one technique of ensuring your exterior and interior décor are flashy. Due to technological advancements, there are self-cleaning glass materials that are used for the construction of windows and doors in commercial buildings. The self-cleaning material has a photocatalytic and hydrophilic effect. The photocatalytic effect allows these sheets or pieces to utilize sunrays to activate the layer on the glass resulting in it removing any dirt that may be on the surface.

Consequently, the hydrophilic effect involves rain such that when it rains on it’s, this technology is activated and it helps to clean out the dirt that was previously cleaned. With this type of material used for your storefront, you will greatly improve the image of your store. The exterior of your store will always remain clean and clear thus keeping the store clean and attractive.

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Tinted Glass Sheets

Storefront glass is essential due to the display of products to customers. For most stores, the owners would prefer having a clear storefront than the tinted type. When you install this tinted type of glass material, you may end up blocking potential customers from viewing products on sale. However, this type of installation is most suitable for stores that need more security and privacy. For instance, jewelry shops and banks require the tinted fronts so that they can make their products more secured. If clear storefront materials are used for the jewelry shops, it would be easy for an outsider to break through security and rob.

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Mosaic Glass Sheets

Being artistic in any commercial buildings is called for. Most people who are lovers of art would appreciate a wall that is decorated with a mosaic design. Ideally, with a mosaic, a piece of art is drawn on a surface, and it is then covered with colored glass or other materials that would make it stand out. When you need creating a unique interior design for a commercial store, you can do so by adding a colored glass mosaic on the walls. You should choose a suitable art form that you would create with the mosaic design. This way, it would make your customers attracted to it as well as other products that are placed on display next to it.

In conclusion, many types of glass sheets can be used to upgrade the interior and exterior of a commercial store. The store owner should take the initiative of deciding on the best design and color sheet to use for their decoration. When they have made their mind to use such modern sheets that make the store unique, they can contact experts at fab glass and mirror.