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Top Future Trends in Educational Technology and E-learning

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Nowadays, technology has reshaped many aspects of our everyday life: the way we work, the way we perceive the world and above all the way we learn and acquire new notions. Technology has entered quietly and slowly the world of education and started to change gradually the way educators teach and create learning experiences, but at the same time, it made the learning process easier.

It’s not surprising that technology made such a significant impact in the educational field. Offering the opportunity to study at educational institutions that have been only in students’ dreams, the flexibility to learn whenever and wherever they want, and cost-effective prices are just some of the benefits that technology brings. It’s way past time of classical academic studies.

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However, technology is constantly evolving and advancing. That’s why it’s important to track its progress, new tendencies and stay informed. For this reason, here is a list of future trends in educational technology and e-learning. The sooner you get familiar with them, the more time you will have to incorporate them in your practice.


Thanks to many benefits this method has to offer, It’s no wonder why it was a strong trend in 2018 that will only continue to grow in this year.

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Not only does gamification make learning fun and interactive activity, but it also enhances knowledge acquisition given that you’re learning in a pleasant environment not being aware that you’re actually learning. Besides, gamification can be an integral part of the traditional classroom, as well as different corporate training.

Artificial intelligence and learner assistance

Artificial intelligence has found applications in various spheres, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s not just a modern buzzword, but a useful technology that has so much to offer and improve our daily work and life, especially the way we learn.

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With the help of artificial intelligence, the student’s behavior can be predicted and in that way personalize their learning experience. Personalization is the key to adopting new knowledge with ease because we are all different and we have different learning styles. Likewise, some organizations started the practice where bots teach students at the time of the courses.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is an excellent learning tool since it can increase the existing content through attractive overlays of images and graphics which can pop out and animate the learners. Not only does it animate the students, but Augmented Reality has been proven to be an effective tool to enhance learning and memory.

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On the other hand, Virtual Reality also has found its way in online education, and it has become one of the growing trends. This recent technology is used in providing different particular trainings that couldn’t be performed using traditional tools, for instance, pilot training. Besides, Virtual Reality is one of the best learning tools for people and children with special needs.

Cloud-base systems and online platforms

Even though cloud-base systems may seem like a standard in e-learning, its popularity still grows with every day. Cloud computing allows easy accessibility to learning materials from anyplace, anytime needed. Besides, this technology makes file sharing and storage a breeze which improves collaboration between teacher and student.

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Likewise, today there are many online platforms that offer a certain service and the possibility to learn different matters usually for free or at affordable prices. They have become a great substitute for traditional courses. That’s how, for instance, you don’t need a classical tutor anymore, there are platforms such as Custom Writing that can help you write an essay or assignment.

3D printing

This technology allows the students to get the necessary practical and physical experience, not only to consume theoretical written content.

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Thanks to 3D printers, learners can materialize their ideas and create different objects. Also, printed objects provide more detailed insights and in that way enhance the learning. For example, this type of education is appreciated by medical students who need practical experience to learn human anatomy instead of using only standard anatomy atlas.

Wrapping it up

Future trends in educational technology and e-learning aren’t just buzzwords. Some of them, as cloud-based systems, 3D printing and gamification are closer than you think, while others, such as Virtual and Augmentative Reality, as well as Artificial Intelligence may seem as a distant future, but they are just around the corner.

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Therefore, make sure you get familiar with these trends, learn how you can implement them in your environment and finally, embrace them.