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What Your Game Room Needs

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There’s something special about the games room inside of any house. It can be a place of solace and relaxation, a chance to shut out the outside world if only for an hour at a time to focus on some good old fashioned fun.

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As one would expect, a games room isn’t complete without the actual games to go along with it. Without the games, it’s just a room. Some people take great pride in knowing everybody wants to congregate at their house because it’s the most entertaining house they can think of, while some just like letting loose with the family after a long day at work. For that to be possible, you need the right tricks up your sleeve.

Any of these classics make for a great game room experience:


The pool is the ultimate gentleman’s indoor game that about anyone can pick up quick, but it does take time to master. It’s a careful game of skill, luck, and physics knowledge. Standard billiards is always a classic but there are a few more niche games out there that have their own appealing aspects. Once a few ground rules have been laid down that seem to vary from household to household, it’s all systems go. It requires a steady hand and excellent aiming ability. Plain and simple, it’s a great game if you like being pit against your opponent in a battle of both brains and brawn.

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What’s not to love about foosball? Long before video game consoles, it was arguably the closest thing to a FIFA game you could get your hands on. Fairly versatile due to the fact that there doesn’t have to be a set size like with a pool table, it’s easy for anyone to consult a resource like Getfoosball.com to pick out a table that’s just the right size. It’s’ a classic game that uses real pieces and players which is awfully refreshing in our digital world. Rivalries will be made and tensions will rise whenever the ball’s in play, so you best come with your game face.

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Ping Pong

We seem to have a love for shrinking down full sized games into more manageable ones that can be played inside. Ping pong, aka table tennis, is just another example of this phenomenon. This game blends dexterity and precision for a high-octane round of fun that might leave you with some perspiration on your brow. If you buy a table that can be folded up when not in use you can also really alleviate the burden on how much available space the table will take up. Simply move some furniture around come game night, then it’s just a matter of who can channel their inner Forrest Gump the best.

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From the pub to your home, darts are yet another fantastic addition to a games room and it’s by far the option that takes up the least space on this whole list. You’ll have to factor in the fact that your missed shots will hit the wall and possibly damage it, but besides that, there are minimal considerations necessary. There’s something very endearing about darts that just lends itself to a few refreshing drinks shared among friends while they attempt to best another with their throwing skills.

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Air Hockey

Part of air hockey’s charm is just how hectic things can get in the blink of an eye. One misplaced hit can send the puck ricocheting around the table and right into your own goal. It’s fast, it’s engaging, it’s quite a bit of fun. The fact that tables come in a few different sizes as well as the game being unlikely to cause any property damage makes it an appealing choice. Air hockey on demand? Yes, please!

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Anyone who tries hard to have a good game room will eventually come into possession of one of these bad boys. All of the fun of the arcade without having to shove quarters in every ten minutes, the pinball machine is a classic game enjoyed the world over. Find one with a theme you enjoy, place it in a nice spot, and enjoy unwinding with a bit of pinball to pass the time. Maybe one day you’ll end up figuring out what each and every little button and flapper does on your machine, exploration is half the fun.

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Your home doesn’t need to be the average boring house with a TV in every room for entertainment, people are starting to forget about the greatness these games hold. The games room is about many things, it’s a release of energy in fun and exciting ways. Adrenaline gets pumping quickly and a true competitive spirit gets brought out extremely quickly, all it takes is a warm-up game or two and it’s go time. Let the thrill of competition guide you to victory, it’s always nice to beat your cousin at ping pong.