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7 Creative Tips To Enhance Writing Skills Using AI

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The world is ever evolving with the new technologies being introduced every day. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of them. The robots are taught about the abilities of planning, problem-solving and several others to perform human functions. Will robots take over the world one day? Because AI is being used in health care, writing and in restaurants as well.

According to San Francisco (Business CNN), an AI system is exceptionally reliable and advanced in the text composition that the researchers are afraid to disclose it for they fear the misuse. AI has been used by different researchers for ages and it proved to be successful. It is also having an impact on student learning by providing the support teachers and student might need from machines. There are plenty of AI tips, so keep reading to find out more:


Proofreading is a way to produce error-free writing or content. The longer texts are made easier to proofread with the help of AI. We know that our writing skills will improve if we proofread our work but we get lazy most times. The proofread feature has made it quick where we can copy and paste our content on the related software and have flawless essays or writings.


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A human mind is efficient enough to store smart vocabulary but still, words slip out of our brains most times. With the check on this fact, smart websites are present on the internet to provide service anytime. One can buy the content writers online to work for them if they lack time or skill. In case you need to submit your homework quickly, you also have the opportunity to check some online services that offer article writing.


Autocorrect is yet another amazing feature of AI. We forget the spellings or misspell some words when in a hurry. In related cases, auto correct rectifies mistakes automatically and suggests words based on the previous words which turn out quite helpful in enhancing the writing.


Editing your work is confusing sometimes because you cannot properly point out the faults. AI has made it easy by introducing features and tools that will do it for you. There is software present out there where you can post your work and receive it perfectly edited with the help of AI. Also when you edit your article you should take care how much words did you used in it. You should use optimal number of words in the article, so it look as quality as it can be. Here you can use help of some online tools such as WordCountTool.com.


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Plagiarism makes any work of writing seem unattractive to the audience. In many schools and offices, it is strictly prohibited, but people still find ways out. Therefore, the person who has assigned the work can use this feature to check the originality. The feature of recognizing the plagiarized work is also a gift of AI on the internet. You can save time and effort by using it.


Translations from one language to another are no more a big deal. Since AI came to the world of internet, translating is effortless. If you are writing and want to give it an exotic touch, you can use the words from your native language and translate them into the target language. It will enhance your writing skills as well as your vocabulary.


Researching through the keywords is one of the AI introduced ideas. In older times, one had to go through a number of books or different websites to gather unusual information about a subject, but now, you can easily reach the best content by searching it with the keywords. Content with similar keywords will show up, and you can easily possess all the knowledge.