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Tips On How To Deal With Urinary Incontinence

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Sometimes, urine passes unintentionally and that is something called urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence is not unusual and it’s quite common with. It is mostly caused by stress but not psychological but rather stress to the pelvic floor muscles and urethral sphincter.

There are certainly other things that cause urinary incontinence, and those are :

There are also several types of this condition, and they are:

Total Incontinence: This is when your bladder isn’t able to store any urine at all, at which point you will experience constant leaking whenever urine accumulates.

Stress Incontinence: We mentioned briefly about stress and how it affects unwanted leakings. Well, that form of incontinence is associated with stress, and it occurs when your bladder is under too much pressure. In this case, urine mostly leaks whenever you cough, laugh, and sometimes even fart.

Urge Incontinence: This type of incontinence occurs suddenly without any warning.

Overflow Incontinence: This is the most chronic condition of all, and it occurs whenever you cannot empty the entire bladder.

It is also quite common to have a combination of multiple types at once.

How to Deal With Urinary Incontinence?

1. Daily Pelvic Exercising

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The best way to reduce leakage is to do something with your pelvic floor. The solution comes in the form of pelvic floor exercises that can be very beneficial in stopping leaks all-together. However, it might take you three months of daily pelvic floor exercising until you see results.

2. Quit Bad Habits

According to www.mensliberty.com, coughing puts a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. And as we mentioned earlier, coughing can lead to leaks. So a bit of good advice would be to stop bad habits.

3. Pilates

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The wrong kind of exercise puts a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. However, the right kind of exercise can stretch and strengthen them. So for this, we suggest you ditch running, jogging, and exercises such as sit-ups with pilates. Pilates involves a lot of stretching and strengthening of fore muscles, which has been proven effective against urinal incontinence.

4. Lose Weight

We also mentioned that obesity is a direct cause of urinal conditions. So one reason as to why you might frequently leak is because you’re overweight. Having extra weight on you puts a lot of pressure on your pelvic floor muscles. So one way to alleviate pressure is to lose weight. If you so choose to go down this path it could be very beneficial as most urinal incontinence symptoms have cleared up completely after a person loses weight.

5. Avoid Caffeine

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It’s a well-known fact that caffeine irritates your bladder. However, it makes things much worse if you have urinal incontinence. Out of all the caffeine products we consume, coffee probably has the biggest effect on our bladder. So good advice would be to avoid coffee or quit it completely. Other caffeine products include energy drinks, chocolate, fizzy drinks, green tea, etc.