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Is CrossFit the best choice for you?

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Physical activity and healthy habits are the two most important things when it comes to well-being and living a longer, happier life. There’s no doubt that regular exercise and training will make you feel better, stronger and durable. Not to mention the extra self-confidence boost that you get from being physically fit. Fitness is also about mental strength, learning not to give up and always take the harder path will make you a much better person.

There are numerous ways of getting in shape. Regular bodybuilding, bodyweight fitness, Olympic weight lifting, powerlifting, cycling, hiking, and many others. In this article, we’re going to focus on CrossFit. We’ll explain what it is, its effectiveness and everything else that you need to know about this discipline.

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What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a mix of weightlifting and bodyweight fitness, combined with other athletic movements to make the trainee as physically ready as possible. It’s just as famous and spread as regular bodybuilding. There is most likely more than one CrossFit gym in your area, and even if there isn’t, most of the regular gyms already have the equipment needed to perform CrossFit exercises. If you’re looking, to begin with, CrossFit and need some beginner tips and insight, CrossFitSurvival can be very useful.

Should I start doing CrossFit?

People usually start doing physical activity and training because of two reasons. Losing weight or gaining weight, or should I say muscle mass. CrossFit is a great choice for those who want to lose weight, get in shape and tone their body.

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However, if you’re someone looking to build a lot of muscle, there are some more effective ways such as traditional bodybuilding and powerlifting. I’m not saying that gaining muscle mass with CrossFit is impossible, I’m just saying that it will not be as effective since the point of this discipline is not just gaining muscle. This is not a disadvantage for the sport; every discipline is different and helps you reach different goals. Powerlifters might be big, strong and lift 200kg on a deadlift, but their cardio abilities are not developed. Bodybuilders look amazing, but they’re not as strong as powerlifters. Strongmen don’t have good looking bodies and their cardio is most of the times awful, but they are the strongest people on Earth. You get my point. CrossFit is something like the perfect balance between all of those disciplines. You tone your body, get some muscle mass and your cardio is still great. This is because CrossFit exercises usually focus on doing more sets and reps with less weight, as opposed to powerlifting routines which usually focus on doing 5-7 reps per set at most.


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Is CrossFit safe?

If you’re considering starting CrossFit or you’re just a person that has never been to a gym, you’re probably worried about safety as well. Considering that CrossFit does not make you lift 250kg on certain exercises, it is acceptable to say that it might be a safer variant of the previously mentioned ones. The first thing your trainer will probably teach you is to perform every exercise with correct form. If you listen to that advice you should be safe from any types of injuries during your training journey.