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Things to Consider When Buying Power Banks

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With technology so advanced today we have become dependent on having our device in our pockets at all times. This doesn’t mean that is a bad thing since we can do much more in shorter periods of time and from greater distances. But there are problems with being dependent on devices that run on batteries. You can simply drain out the battery and be left without a phone for hours depending on if you have a charger with you or not.

A great solution to this is having a good power bank. A power bank is basically a battery inside a case that is able to charge a phone with a cable.

Here are a few tips you need to know before buying a power bank.

1. The size

This is an important factor you need to look out for. You need to have the power bank and your phone in one pocket or a purse if you want to charge on the move. So having a power brick that is twice the size of your phone and probably twice as heavier could be a big downside. Note that a bigger power bank probably means a bigger and better battery inside of it.

2. Battery capacity

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This is probably the most important factor in a power bank. The capacity of a battery tells you how many times you would be able to charge your phone fully with just one full charge of the power bank.

Newer phones have a battery capacity rating of about 3000 to 4500mAh (milliamp-hour) and power banks can go as low as 3,000mAh to 20,000mAh and some even can go as high as 35,000-45,000mAH. When deciding what kind of a power bank you need, you need to consider how many devices you are planning to charge and how many times a day do you usually spend your phone’s battery.

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3. Pricing

Price is also a big determining factor for a power bank. If you want to have a “just to be safe” battery backup you can get a cheap one for a few dollars, but if you are constantly in need of battery then you can fork out hundreds of dollars for a quality and high capacity battery.

4. Charging ports

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The number of ports determines how many devices you can charge at the same time. If you want a power bank that can fit in your pocket you may want to go with one that has just one or two charging ports. But if you are carrying more devices you should opt-out for a bigger power bank with more charging ports. However, you will probably need more space to carry this kind of a power bank.

5. Voltage

Phones come with different amounts of voltages. The same goes for power banks. Voltage determines the power of the charge, meaning you need both the phone and power bank’s battery to be compatible with each other. Buying a bigger power bank with a higher voltage than your phone may damage your device permanently, for example, 4.5 V power bank for your 3.5V phone battery.

This normally means that if you buy a power bank with lower voltage values than your phone’s battery it will charge much slower than the usual speed.

Now that you know the most important factors of a power bank, you can decide what suits you the best and buy yourself a proper one.