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The Security of Computer Networks in the Company

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With computer networks is meant the more or less extensive interconnection system between computers, designed to share hardware and software resources. Simple examples could be the connection of different computers to a single printer or the possibility to access data contained in a particular hard disk of another computer, which is not the one we are using.

Computer networks are not only used in companies, but can also be used at home and, in both cases, information security services are a necessity.

Computer networks are classified on the base of their size. A LAN network, for example, is the simplest one, where LAN stands for “Local Area Network.” It identifies a sharing between devices located in a rather restricted area, which could be a company. For instance, this is the computer network we find in companies, and that has to be secured thanks to information security services.

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Sharing resources and ensuring speed in data transmission is a very important requirement for every company. Also, safety is a requirement, which can be obtained thanks to information security services. In this way, it is possible to regulate the access to ICT, making it secure and preventing any violations by unwanted third parties.

Guaranteeing a good level of security of the corporate ICT network, from transmission channels to data stored in storage devices, is a priority that concerns all those who do business and who care about success: A violation or a leak in the system could cause very serious damage with equally serious consequences. Even the undeniable need to work on projects shared with a project team, already potentially exposes the system to a series of vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is fundamental to regulate access to data. It is a question of creating a global policy to safeguard sensitive data, industrial secrets, work projects, and company know-how. And all of this is possible thanks to information security services.

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The task in case of information security services is not only to prevent cyber attacks and malware, which is also statistically difficult, due to the unpredictable nature of the violation, but is also the monitoring of the accesses, from the use of software capable of automatic learning to the determination of precise rules of behavior aimed at limiting any damage due to a systems violation.

Only a company specialized in the sector of information technology safety will be able to assess and manage the security of a computer network. For more information about this topic check out Arka Service – put the safety of your company in the hands of experts before it is too late.