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The Science Behind a Window Replacement’s Energy Efficiency

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In most cases, window installers will recommend window replacement rather than the alternative– simple window repair options like caulking or weather-stripping. This is owing to the unmatched benefits that come with installing the energy efficient replacement windows.

Additionally, comfort, noise reduction, increased curb appeal, enhanced home energy efficiency, and increased home value are among the selling points that have seen most homeowners embrace window replacement.

This is despite the little to zero knowledge that most of these homeowners exhibit about how the windows operate.

Perhaps making your home more energy efficient is the motivating factor behind your window replacement project, and with recommendations from window installers, you want to settle on the most energy efficient window(s) as they’re bound to reduce your energy bills without necessarily having to sacrifice your comfort.

But how exactly does this happen? What’s the magic behind these windows that makes you pay the $150 in electricity billing instead of $300 which you customarily pay, with your old or single-paned windows?

That’s the science that the Zen Windows Austin team seeks to explore in a bid to help you understand the whole magic.

Defining energy efficiency

Energy efficiency” refers to the utilization of technology that requires less energy to offer the same service.

And of course, that’s exactly what you find in the modern replacement windows—they offer the usual window benefits at a much lower cost than the average windows. This is evident in the manner in which they greatly lower energy costs, enhance comfortability, and improve your overall home security.

Note: Generally, for a window to be energy efficient, it must have superior insulation properties; that is, able to prevent the transmission of heat from outside to the inside of your home and vice versa.

Double glazing

As you well know, heat and noise are transferrable from one solid material to the other via a process called conduction. And this happens when there is a temperature difference between the two adjoining points.

Made of solid material, windows also conduct heat; which implies high energy costs when you have poorly insulated windows installed.

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However, the insulated glazing (also known as the double glazing) window technology is aimed at improving overall window efficiency by preventing conduction; hence the double glass window panes.

These windows are separated by a gas-filled space to help reduce heat transfer while also making your home noise proof.

Low-E glass coating

Low-E glass coating in windows helps minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that’s admitted through your window glass while still ensuring that your home stays illuminated.

The microscopically thin coating may be invisible to the naked eye, but it carries the crucial role of ensuring that your home stays cool by reflecting heat. It also prevents air leakage to ensure your home remains warm in the winter.

The gases—Argon and Krypton

These inert gases are usually clear, non-toxic, and odorless, and are used to enhance window energy efficiency. They’re highly effective when it comes to minimization of heat transfer between the outside environment and your home.

Though both exhibit good insulating properties, Argon is more efficient in larger double pane window gaps while Krypton works best in tighter triple-pane window units.

A window pane with a combination of the two gases is a great way to maximize window energy efficiency while also ensuring a more durable window unit.

Excellent installation

Want the most returns out of your new windows? Then you’ve got to ensure a sound installation process.

Consider reaching out to the reputable window installers around, compare their offers in terms of the window materials, costs, and of course, vital aspects like Warranty terms.

Then have them do the installation to avoid incurring double costs that are usually associated with poor installation.

Note that you may have the most efficient windows ever available, but with poor installation, you remain chained to the ever-rising energy costs.

The Takeaway

Thinking of investing in energy efficient replacement windows? Then the double or triple glazed window units with Low-E glass coating would be a great fit for you, as they’re highly efficient in both cold and hot climates.

As mentioned earlier, Low-E glass coating helps keep your home warmer during the winter and cooler in the summertime by reflecting heat back to the source.