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Benefits of Getting Impact-Resistant Windows for Your Property

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Most homeowners opting for fresh window installations say their peace of mind is the primary reason. Though expensive investments, impact-resistant windows and doors have impressive benefits for homeowners. These include the following.

1. Hurricane Proofing Your Home

Impact-resistant windows give additional hurricane protection to homes due to the materials used to manufacture them. They’re designed with reinforced frames and impact-resistant glass. This means the glass won’t shatter or be compromised by heavy winds. EGS International noted that window and door systems that have an impact-resistant glazing system of +105/-130 can withstand hurricane-force winds that can travel more than 100 MPH.

You can relax knowing your window glass won’t break or get shattered by storms. If you live in an extremely windy area, then you can use commercial window films to reinforce the windows further. 3M notes that commercial window films can resist wind speeds of up to 170 mph.

2. Fewer Energy Bills

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The insulation properties applied in the windows manufacturing ensure they can prevent air leaks. The windows keep indoor temperatures in check in the summer and winter, keeping your indoor temperatures comfortable and consistent. During cold winter, the impact glass window prevents heat loss from the house so you can stay warm all night.

The multi-layer construction removes much of the solar heat that hits the house through the windows. Stable home temperatures mean your HVAC isn’t overworked. This will save you money on energy bills regardless of outdoor weather.

3. Long Term Service

A properly installed window system can serve you for many years. This Old House observes that windows last between 15 and 30 years. They’ll only need servicing from time to time and a few repairs. Always have professional maintenance technicians inspect your windows for any signs of cracks, scratches, and abrasions after a hurricane.

Poorly installed impact-resistant windows and doors may not serve the purpose they’re made for. They can even break or shatter in a hurricane, rendering them useless. It’s only sensible that after buying the best quality impact glass windows, you get a professional technician to install them.

4. Comfort

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The impact-resistant windows are made in such a way that they eliminate extreme temperatures in your home. They eliminate hot spots and cold spots, reduce glare, and increase safety without changing its aesthetics. This way, it increases the comfort level of your building by a big margin.

5. Protects You From Pollution

Pay attention if your house is near a road, a busy neighborhood with construction, and other noisy activities. You’ll do well to install impact-resistant windows on your property. Other than keeping storm debris from your house, they also absorb noise. This way, your indoors can be peaceful, away from noisy distractions.

The windows are also helpful in keeping away dust and glare, which are uncomfortable. Noise pollution impedes communication and can increase emotional and physical stress. At the same time, dirty air is a health risk with your respiratory tract exposed to toxic gases. Install impact-resistant windows to achieve a pollution-free home.

6. Protects Against Theft

Your impact-resistant windows will secure your home as they’re made of several layers of glass. Their strong and compact design makes them a preferred choice for homeowners. Most people are willing to spend top dollar for these window installations for the security they give to the home.

7. Shield Against UV Damage

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The strong UV rays of the sun not only bring glare into the indoors of the house. They can damage furniture, fabrics, wood, photos, the carpet, and other household items under direct sunlight. With impact-resistant windows, these dangerous rays are blocked from penetrating your house. You can say goodbye to the discoloration and fading of wood and other furnishings.

8. Lower Homeowners Insurance Premiums

When your home is fitted with impact-resistant windows, it’s at a lower risk of getting damaged. Whether the damage is from extreme weather or theft, your home is protected. The insurance company is highly likely to give you a discount on your insurance premiums after inspecting your property and finding you have impact-resistant windows.

Whether you’re building or remodeling your property, you must take deliberate steps to secure it against extreme weather and storms, thefts, and other occurrences. Start with your windows to ensure your family and belongings are safe. You’ll gain these benefits as well.

9. UV Protection for Health: More Than Just Skin Deep

Impact-resistant windows serve a dual purpose, being both functional and health-centric. While they seamlessly blend with the architecture, their unseen advantage lies in filtering harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. A sunlit room can be inviting, but with direct sunlight comes UV exposure. Prolonged exposure to these rays has often been underestimated, but the World Health Organization’s findings are clear.

They link UV radiation to health adversities like skin cancers, premature aging, and even eye conditions like cataracts. Sunscreen protects when you’re outdoors, but indoors, it’s these windows that come to the rescue. It’s essential to consider the long-term implications of UV exposure. Installing impact-resistant windows isn’t just about shielding property but creating a safer environment for families, shielding delicate skin and eyes from harmful radiation.

10. Enhanced Resale Value: A Worthwhile Investment

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In the ever-fluctuating real estate market, standing out is the key. Modern homebuyers look beyond mere aesthetics. They prioritize safety and resilience, especially in regions susceptible to extreme weather. Impact-resistant windows, with their sturdy build and protective properties, give homes a distinctive edge. These windows send a message—this house is built to withstand challenges.

Potential buyers in storm-prone areas are likely to be familiar with the devastation a hurricane or tornado can cause. As per HomeAdvisor, houses fortified with such improvements often fetch higher prices. Thus, while the initial investment might seem steep, the returns—both in terms of peace of mind and financial gain—make it worthwhile.

11. Noise Reduction: An Oasis of Calm

Modernization brings with it its own set of challenges. As cities grow and roads expand, noise pollution becomes an inevitable part of urban life. The clamor from traffic, honking cars, or even loud neighbors can be disturbing. Here, impact-resistant windows stand out, offering solace in the chaos.

Built with multiple layers and often combined with insulating gases, these windows effectively dampen external noise, making homes a true sanctuary. For those living near bustling intersections, train tracks, or busy marketplaces, these windows are akin to a protective shield, blocking out not just physical threats but auditory ones too.

12. Protection from Flying Debris: Your First Line of Defense

Nature is unpredictable. Calm weather can quickly give way to a violent storm, unleashing powerful winds that carry debris. Traditional windows stand no chance against such forces. Impact-resistant windows, however, are built differently. Their multilayered structure, designed specifically to withstand external pressure, ensures that even if the outer layer breaks, the inner layers remain intact. The result?

Homes remain safeguarded against external elements, and families inside remain protected. By mitigating the risks of flying shards of glass and preventing external debris from breaching the home’s sanctuary, these windows prove their worth in crisis situations.

13. Reduced Fading of Interior Decor: Keeping Things Vibrant

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Home is where we showcase our tastes, with carefully selected artwork, furniture, and fabrics. Over time, however, sunlight can lead to the fading of these cherished items. The sun, while essential for life, emits UV rays that bleach colors and degrade materials. Impact-resistant windows, with their inherent UV filtering properties, come to the rescue. By significantly reducing UV penetration, they extend the life of interior decor elements. Be it a vintage rug, a beloved painting, or custom-made drapes, everything remains vibrant, retaining its original hue and texture, free from the relentless effects of the sun.

14. Enhanced Privacy: Your Personal Cocoon

In today’s world, privacy is a luxury. Urban homes, often built close together, can sometimes leave inhabitants feeling exposed. Impact-resistant windows, with optional tinting or privacy coatings, bring back the lost sense of seclusion. They act as a barrier, reducing visibility from the outside. So, whether you’re enjoying a quiet moment with a book, spending quality time with family, or simply unwinding after a long day, these windows ensure you remain unobserved, turning homes into personal retreats.

15. Improved Aesthetics: Marrying Form with Function

Securing a home doesn’t mean compromising on looks. Modern impact-resistant windows defy this old notion. They come in a plethora of designs, catering to diverse architectural styles—from minimalist to classical. With their sleek frames and clear panes, they add a touch of sophistication, elevating the home’s overall appeal. So, while they silently serve their primary function of protection, they also enhance the home’s visual aesthetics, proving that safety and style can indeed go hand in hand.

16. Environmentally Friendly: Caring for the Planet

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The conversation around global warming and environmental conservation is more relevant than ever. Every choice we make has implications, and the right choices can lead to conservation. Impact-resistant windows, due to their excellent insulation capabilities, help maintain indoor temperatures. This directly reduces the load on heating and cooling systems, leading to energy savings. Consequently, this also means reduced carbon emissions. Opting for these windows, homeowners can proudly claim they’re doing their bit for the planet.

17. Protection from Intrusive Insects: Guarding Against the Tiniest Invaders

A breezy evening might be tempting, but it often brings with it an army of bugs. Mosquitoes, flies, and other insects can infiltrate homes, becoming a nuisance. Impact-resistant windows, designed to perfection, offer no entry points for these pests. Their tight seals ensure that while fresh air circulates freely, insects are kept at bay, ensuring serene evenings without the buzz of unwanted guests.

18. Enhanced Safety During Break-Ins: Fortifying Your Fortress

Safety concerns go beyond natural threats. Urban areas, especially, face threats from potential intruders. Here, impact-resistant windows shine again. Their very presence can act as a deterrent. For a burglar, time is of the essence. The tough, layered design of these windows makes breaking into a time-consuming task, often discouraging attempts. Even if an intruder tries, the windows, true to their name, resist, affording homeowners crucial moments to take necessary action.

19. Reduced Allergen Infiltration: Breathing Easy

Seasonal allergies are a real concern for many. Pollen, dust, and pollutants can make their way indoors, causing discomfort. With impact-resistant windows, the narrative changes. Their precision-engineered seals prevent outdoor allergens from infiltrating the living spaces. This ensures not just a clearer view outside but also cleaner, fresher air inside, making homes a haven for allergy sufferers.