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4 Reasons to Buy a Used CMM Machine from a Dealer

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For decades, North American manufacturing was in decline due to competition from countries with fewer regulations and cheaper labour. The increased role of automation along the production line has helped to fight this trend, and one of the tools that have been most responsible for making this possible is the coordinate measuring machine (CMM).

CMM machines automate quality control in factories around the continent, and have helped to significantly improve efficiency on production lines. If you want to get this efficiency at an even lower price point, buy a used CMM machine — but do so smartly. If you want to save big on used CMM equipment here are a few reasons to buy from an authorized dealer.

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The MDNA Code of Ethics

When you buy used CMM equipment from a dealer authorized by the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), you receive important guarantees you don’t get when buying from individual sellers or from auctions.

This includes responses to inquiries about the purchase with descriptions that are as accurate as possible in terms of the machine’s condition, specifications, and adherence to industry terms and definitions. Another major feature is that they’ll refund any machinery that is proven to be mechanically unsatisfactory, or repair it at dealer’s option.

Lessen the Risk

Do you know how to assess a CMM machine, to make sure it’s working properly? If you buy a used CMM machine from auction or from an individual owner, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to tell what shape it’s in.

When you buy a used CMM machine from an authorized dealer, they’ll put the probes, drive systems, air lines, bearings and cabling through a thorough inspection. Such dealers issue a formal guarantee that the machine will work to specification right from the time of purchase, or they’ll fix it for you for free.

What’s Inside the Machine?

Do you know about CMM software? The software in the used machine may be obsolete, or not well suited for your needs, and you’ll need to replace it. Buying a used CMM machine through an authorized dealer ensures that you’ll have expert and trustworthy guidance about what software comes with the machine, and whether or not it is the software best suited for you. If it isn’t, the dealer can advise you on the software that is right for you.

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Have Your Machine Set Up Properly

CMM machines perform the vital role of quality control — they’re relied upon to give precise and repeatable results. But the equipment is sensitive, so for the machines to work perfectly they can’t simply be dropped into a location and plugged into the wall. Authorized dealers are the ideal specialists to install and calibrate your machine to ensure it’s working to spec right away.  

CMM equipment plays a priceless role on the production line, but that doesn’t mean that you need to pay full price for it. Be savvy — don’t just buy your CMM equipment used, buy it from an authorized dealer.