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Sodapoppin Net Worth 2018/2019

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Sodapoppin is a renowned American YouTuber and a Twitch Streamer with an amazing fan following. His followers on Twitch have gone past 1.5 million mark while the subscribers are swarming at 650000 on YouTube as well. He’s popular for streaming “World of Warcraft” game and it has earned him great respect in the streaming world as well. The gaming content which he shares really attracts people and makes some waves in gaming world as well. Besides being popular for his gaming content, Sodapoppin also has a sense for comedy and his comedy videos are also quite popular as well. Born in 1994, he owns the name Thomas Jefferson Morris IV and he’s brother of the Texan rapping star Dkane Morris. Twitch has banned him quite a few times but he’s still there and has managed to make massive $500 thousand net worth.  

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Chance Morris also known as Sodapopping has been an active World of Warcraft player since the time he was just a student. His first video on YouTube went live in 2012, and it was just the matter of time before he could focus on the popular World of Warcraft game and there was no looking back then. At that particular time, he was using Sodapopping33 as his user ID.  

He wasn’t really serious about taking that channel forward but when the number of followers started to increase considerably, Morris thought to pursue a career in YouTubing. The first game that he shot was for Xfire. He took to Reddit for informing people about his platform shift when he switched from Justin.Tv to Xfire.  

His first video on YouTube was titled “Sodapopping Playing Amnesia 2” and he uploaded that video on 20th of June 2012. It was just the matter of time for his followers to reach a mammoth figure of 650000 and on Twitch it has reached 1.5 million mark as mentioned earlier.  

It’s been years now since Sodapopping has been streaming videos online. On average, his videos receive 200000 views every day. Most of the viewers are acne-faced as well because he shares advice on acne too. 

Even though he’s so popular, there have been several bans imposed on him by Twitch officials. It happened because he was found to be harassing the staff and also for promoting illegal activity.  

One of biggest accomplishments in his career is, obviously, that he started it all at such a young age. And, despite being so young, he was successfully able to establish his place as a Twitch live streamer. The Blizzard for Favorite World of Warcraft Stream awarded him the Best Streamer Award back in 2014. Many people who follow him want to play WoW as he does, but is that possible without a wow boost service? Make sure to visit this website in case your heroes need an upper hand.

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Personal Information 

Sodapoppin’s parents are currently living in the seventies while his siblings are also above the age of 40. Reports suggest that he might have been adopted. He was born and raised in Texas and is currently in relationship with Lea May – the fellow Twitch gaming streamer. They both make the hottest of streaming couples in gaming world. He has even kissed his girlfriend on camera for raising funds for some charity.