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What Equipment To Use In The Gym Depending On Your Goals

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It really does depend on what we are trying to achieve by going to the gym. Needs are different for each person.

The workout program must be adjusted according to individual needs. Not all of us can do the same workout and diet programs. To fully understand this topic, someone has to be a full-time nutritionist or even a medical practitioner.

From that perspective, we are going to try our best to bring you the most valuable things related to this topic. We are going to mention just some major categories in which we can split individuals, diet programs and gym equipment.

Fat burning and protein diet

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Two things that come hand-in-hand are fat burning and low carb diet. Ones we reduce or even better said “cut-off” carb intake completely, our body will start burning fat as the primary source of energy.

In the order for that process to start, we need 72h without any carb intake. It does depend on our current weight how many pounds we are going to lose per day. Some individuals can count roughly as much as 1kg (2 pounds) of weight drop per day.

This diet is very strict and it does take-out all kinds of carbs from our daily meals. The only carbs that we can really take while we are on this diet are the carbs related to fiber, like a green salad.

Potatoes, rice, bread and not to even mention sweets are all highly forbidden. If it does happen, for one reason or another, that we consume some of the high-carb products, we are going to reset our diet for an additional 3 days. That’s not the end of the world.

The much bigger problem can be related to the state of health that we are in. Older people who try this type of diet and do some sort of “cut” with high sugar intake – might suffer severe health consequences. So, unless you are perfectly healthy, this type of diet can be suggested only after you consult your medical practitioner.

With this type of diet comes a regular gym attendance and programs related to fat burning. The workout usually consists of repetitive low-weight lifting with a lot of reps. Due to low carb intake, some people might experience weakness. Getting enough sleep is also a must.

Mass gaining and high-carb intake

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This type of diet is something totally opposite to the previous one. We all run on carbs, even our bruins. Carbs are the primary source of energy.

Heavy weight lifting individuals consume large amounts of carbs per day since their muscles need food. Protein does contribute to muscle enlargement but also needs carb fuel to operate under pressure.

Not all the carbs get burned during the workout. As you noticed – heavy weight lifters are usually individuals with large bellies. That extra unburned energy remains with them.

Workout associated with this type of diet is usually based on heavy weight lifting with not so many reps. The focus is on weight, on the push and pull type of exercise.

The equipment most frequently used

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The majority of the gyms have almost identical equipment for their members. Treadmills, room bicycles, free-weights.

That’s all standard. Gyms which are more modern usually have more electronic equipment, which does help to monitor heart rate, calories, and distance. However, we don’t have to pay the most expensive gym just to get some readings.

There are many cool gadgets available on the market, which can satisfy our needs. Some of them can go as awesome holiday gifts especially for women. By that being said, we would recommend you a great selection of the best fitness trackers for women sold here.

They are some sort of smartwatches with a primary purpose of tracking health during and after exercise. Since we are running into the Christmas season – it is time to shop some gifts. Nicely designed trackers are very useful and attractive little smart machines. This type of equipment can be used regardless of which kind of diet and exercise program we are on.

Treadmills are the most commonly used in the gym and from what we see – women are more into this type of equipment, due to their desire to burn the fat. Naturally, women have a larger percentage of body fat than men.

Treadmills these days have built-in sensors and computers which provide accurate readings. However, jogging in an open field would only let us monitor the hearth rate if we have a tracker on our wristband.

Clothes that you are using should be good enough to keep you warm, but they have to be breathable with high sweat absorption capabilities. Cotton is the most common material used for clothes making.

Due to his high absorption level – it gives us comfort needed. However, 100% cotton made clothes cannot be used for a very long time, especially if we are using these clothes for exercising.

Adding some polyester to it would provide durability. However, adding a lot of polyester to our clothes would reduce the body’s ability to breathe, while at the same time will increase sweating and body temperature. This might not be so healthy for us in the long run. Finding the right clothes should be something that we have to consider carefully.

How to get the most out of your workout

The workout itself, without a proper diet, might not do so much for us. It is better than nothing. However, to get the best results you have to change your lifestyle completely. That means reducing and taking-out everything that stops you from progress.

Beverage is just one of the things that should be taken from our routine.  For all the reasons mentioned – we should be focused on changing our lifestyle and saying “no” at the moment when we get tempted.