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The Best Exercise Mats For You’re Home Gym In 2019

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Having an exercise mat of the highest possible quality is an essential part of any home gym. Having high-quality exercise mats in professional gyms is something that is going to presume is a standard. But, in our article, we are going to focus on the home gym. So, you must have a high-quality mat if you want to do some stretching before you go to your work, do some yoga before you go to bed, or you are just following a home fitness regimen.

Naturally, you should know what the purpose of your use of exercise mats is before you buy an exercise mat for your home. So, in order to help you with your choice, we come up with a list of the best exercise mats on the US market in 2019. We surely hope that this list of ours will have some impact on your future buy.

BalanceFrom GoYoga

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The first exercise mat on this list of ours is BalanceFrom GoYoga is the best seller on Amazon when it comes to yoga mats. We are going to double this fact and say that this is a perfect yoga mat. It has more than 1200 five-star reviews on the Amazon website. This is a 71-inch-long and it is made of foam material of high density. It features cushions and non-slip traction on both sides of these mats. This means that you can use both of sides. That makes this mat last much longer than a majority of mats on the market.

HemingWeigh Exercise Mat

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This exercise mat has a really interesting name HemingWeigh. This is 70 inches long and of thick foam construction that is going to make the hardest workouts much more comfortable with this mat. This is one of the thickest exercise mats that you can find on the US market. It features a non-slip surface on both of sides that are going to prevent all the possible injuries and slipping. This mat features an integrated self-strapping system that will make transport of this exercise mat much easier than the majority of others on the market.

Everlast Folding Mat

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Everlast folding mat is very springy and thick. Also, it is important to know that these exercise mats are 72 inches long. We believe that these features are the best for workout programs in terms of quality. Because of the thick cushioning, you will have that kind of feeling under your feet when you are stepping over this exercise mat. It doesn’t feature a non-slip bottom which means that it can be slip on hardwood floors.

Sivan Health and Fitness NBR Comfort

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The last exercise mat on our list is a best seller on Amazon in the category of Pilates floor mats. This mat is perfect is all of the favorite exercises of yours, including Pilates and yoga. This is one of the top-rated products on Amazon, and this is one of the thickest exercise mats on the US market. It is made of a specially designed memory foam that is created to protect both joints and knees.