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How to protect your home from pests

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While some people may love the world of incests, most of us are frightened. However, both of these groups of people can agree on one thing. Insects do not belong inside of our homes. Not only do they create an unhealthy environment, but they can also be very frustrating, from an itchy bite of a bug to the buzz of an annoying fly. Scorpions, wasps, and bees have painful stings, while fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes can carry serious diseases that they can transport to humans or even our pest. Even the regular cockroach can contribute to allergies or even asthma attacks, particularly in children.

With almost an “infinite” number of types of bugs in the world, bug-proofing our property can feel like a losing battle. However, by understanding what actually attracts those pesky bugs into our homes, you can start making the changes that will help to get rid of them forever.

Just like we do, insects also need shelter, water and food to survive. By removing their food supply and getting rid of those hidden “sleeping” places for bugs, you can significantly reduce the risk that insects will shelter in your home. Obviously, the best way to prevent bugs from entering your homes is to seal up any gaps or cracks on your property. By closing up all the possible entry points that insects are using to gain access to the inside, you can improve your chances of staying pest-free.

Here are some of our best tips you should follow to protect your home from pests.

Seal the doors

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Just as sturdy doors can keep any unwanted visitors out, a properly sealed door can help keep pests out. If you examine your doors carefully, you will probably be amazed by the number of unsealed gaps you can see, each of which can be used by pests as an entrance to your home.

To keep pests from crawling inside of your home through the gaps, you can install an aluminum threshold under the door. If you still are not sure if its enough protection, you can also add a door sweep. A sweep is a line of brush-like material that covers the gap between the door bottom and the threshold.

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A lot of homeowners rely on doors and windows to bring in fresh air to their homes. This is especially needed in the hot and humid summer days. However, summer is also the worst time to open up doors or windows since fleas, mosquitoes and other pests can enter your home.

If you want to enjoy fresh air during the summers without those annoying pests, you should consider installing screens on your windows or doors. If you want to keep out the most common pests you should choose a 20-mesh or a better screen. Screen installation is pretty easy and does not require any expertise or knowledge.

Don’t forget that pests can also enter your home if you have any tears or holes in your screen. You can use pliers with light force to try and pull the wires of the mesh together to close the tear.