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How to Pick the Right Web Design Company for Your New Website

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Choosing the right web design company for your business can either be a burden or a blessing in many cases, but it should actually never be a burden to find one. With so many out there on the market though, as things have evolved from basic template designs, and SEO purposes, your decision making may involve many feats and loops that you think you need to jump through in order to perform your search. We’ll show you some tips on how to pick the right web design company for your needs, whether they be personal or for your business.

Make Sure they Have a Portfolio

Whether it’s an online portfolio or a physical show and tell (images, graphics of their work in progress, etc.), make sure your company has a solid portfolio. However, one key thing to realize is that if there is something that your company can actually do but doesn’t have the work experience listed – you should never judge a book by its cover. Be sure to ask questions because if you see a company’s website that doesn’t have WordPress websites they’ve done, it doesn’t mean that they can’t achieve the results you’re looking for.

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Do Price Comparisons

Many companies offer either packaged based cost or customized user experience. You may end up paying more for a customized website, but if you are willing to stand above the rest and have better quality, you may want to opt for this. Often times, a package is what you see is what you get.


Be sure to read up on reviews that a company may have. Realize that a startup company may not have very many reviews on things like Google or Facebook, but if they have some testimonials, or reviews elsewhere, you can usually bet they can be capable of performing the tasks you want.

Don’t Just Hire a Skeleton Crew

You want a full team that can complete your project quickly, as well as be able to work together in getting everything done you want. If you’re hiring a company rather than an individual contractor, you want them to work simultaneously to achieve the same results with a higher quality and efficiency rating than a contractor.

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When you’re first starting up your website, you may not need extra tools such as SEO optimization and reputation fixing. However, when you hire a great web design company like Integritive, you may want them to be able to cover more of these areas as well so you can rely on them in the future. SEO (search engine optimization) is a very crucial part of any website, and you want a company that can offer these services as well, because it usually means they can get the SEO process going all the way to the publishing of your website commercially.


With all of the web design companies out there, make sure you get continuous support. A great company gives you a personable experience that you’ll never forget. That’s one of the main things you want, and companies like Integritive can offer all of this and more.