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Here Are 4 Best USB Fans in 2019

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Having a USB-powered fan in your pack is very useful nowadays. You can use it improving the ventilation and cooling the air around you whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you are using it while you are near the pool or you are studying in a library. USB fan is a portable USB cord that is connected to the cooling device that is really easy to move around from place to place.

It is powered through that same power cord. You can connect it to your laptop, external power bank, or to your PC. As we already said, these devices are pretty popular nowadays. So, in order to help you choose the best one on the market, we compiled a list of the best USB fans you can find on the US market in 2019.


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We are going to start with an ideal USB desk fan. We are going to talk about IMBAPrice USB-MFAN that has a switch that can control the easy usage. If you decide, you can get a strong and steady stream of air directed on the location you want it to. You can get it in metal or plastic. It has more than 900 five-star ratings on Amazon.

OPOLAR Table Desk Personal Fan

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This device is Amazon’s choice product. This is a free-angled, quiet, lightweight, and adjustable. It is made from a metal fan that is powerful, sturdy, and it produces a soft breeze for which this product became famous for.

The whole idea is to have a compact USB-powered fan that can be used anywhere, and it wouldn’t take too many spaces in your room. It is charged by the USB cable that can be connected to your laptop or to an adapter which is later connected to the power, and power bank. The best charging way is up to you.

Thermaltake Mobile Fan II

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Now we are talking about Thermaltake mobile fan II. This device features a VT knob, and it is considered perfect for you cooling your video game consoles, electronics, and last but not least, cooling you. It has a really good capacity in terms of how much air it can flow in a limited amount of time and it is, much quieter than a majority of the USB-powered fans that can be found on the US market. It has more than a thousand five-star ratings on Amazon.

ARCTIC Breeze USB-Powered Fan

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This is a device that offers a high airflow for its users. It is both slim and lightweight. The main feature of this device is that it has a space-saving design. It is really silent thanks to the low-noise blades that are moving at 1700 rpm, so they are not producing any noise while working. You should simply plug it in into your PC or laptop, game console, or a power bank, and you will have a fully charged USB-powered fan in no time. It is available in a wide array of designs and colors from which you can choose the one that fits you the best.