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A Few Ways Your Interracial Relationship Could Go Wrong (and How to Avoid That)

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Black women – white men, white men – black women – that’s the simple arrangement in an interracial relationship. Like every other relationship, interracial relationships also have their ups and downs. Although it’s best to admit that unlike ‘normal’ relationships, interracial ones can be a little bit harder to manage, not just because of the race difference, but also because of other significant factors such as language and religion differences.

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Below are some of the reasons your interracial relationship could go wrong:

  1. Racism is still a huge deal. We haven’t quite solved racism yet, and it is, therefore, one of the major concerns in today’s society. People will have so many negative things to say concerning your relationship. If you let their words get to you, then your relationship is definitely bound to fall apart. However, compared to the historic days, interracial relationships are approved by about 65% of Americans. But then again, being in an interracial relationship doesn’t mean you’ve solved racism.
  2. Getting into a relationship for the wrong reasons. If you get into an interracial relationship because everyone else is doing it, or to gain status, or perhaps as a rebellion against your folks, then you’re doing it for all the wrong reasons, and the relationship is obviously bound to fail. As mentioned above, there are so many factors you might have to deal with in an interracial relationship. Aside from having different perspectives and beliefs, the entire world will be on your back, wondering what your babies would look like.
  3. Thinking your relationship is such a big deal. We’re all human beings, and at the end of the day, our race doesn’t define us. An African woman can love just as well as one from England. Don’t expect too much difference in your relationship. Avoid worrying about what your kids will look like, or what people will say.
  4. Criticism and dishonesty. Criticism can be common in an interracial relationship because you are two different people, with different beliefs and different lifestyles. If you weren’t honest and ready to make sacrifices for each other at the beginning of your relationship, then you might end up hating a lot of things about each other. Honesty is another critical aspect of any relationship. It’s one of the building blocks of a long-lasting relationship.
  5. Trying to change your partner. Trying to change your partner into someone they are not will make them feel devalued. It’s disrespecting and the easiest way to push someone away.
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How to Avoid Tearing Your Interracial Relationship Apart

  • Talk about your issues, listen to each other, and take your differences as an opportunity to learn and get new experiences.
  • Don’t expect too much from each other because after all, nobody is perfect.
  • Learn to compliment and appreciate instead of criticizing each other.
  • Make sure you’re ready to make sacrifices and withstand all the challenges that come with having an interracial relationship before getting into one.
  • Don’t involve too many people in your relationship, and don’t allow negative comments affect your relationship.
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