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Tips On Choosing A Perfect Design For Your Mall Kiosk

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Mall kiosks are brilliant store ideas if you’re looking for a flexible option for growing your business. Mall kiosks cost less than mall stores, and they cost less to operate. But, seeing as the costs are much lower than stores, they make less revenue than stores, and the products are generally cheaper. Kiosks are seen as a flexible option because you can rotate the products you display. What’s more interesting is that the mall kiosks can sell anything. Whether that’s jewelry or hats, or even if you dwell into a specific niche, mall kiosks can sell anything the owner wants.

The great thing about mall kiosks is that they are extremely visible to customers. They are usually located in the middle of the mall, and they can display all the products. But in order for your mall kiosk business to be successful, you need to choose the perfect design.

Img source: uniquekiosk.com

In this article, we are going to give you tips on how to choose the perfect design for your mall kiosks.

1. What Are You Going to Sell?

The first step to take is to understand what service you are going to be offering your customers. Are you going to be selling food? How about beauty products such as makeup and perfume? As soon as you’ve decided on the store niche, you need to carefully relate it with your mall kiosk design. Your design needs to stand well with customers and to make it easy for them to understand what you offer.

2. Attention Grabbing Signage

Effective design needs to speak to customers and make them come and see what your store or mall kiosk has to offer. The sign of your mall kiosk needs to be big, flashy, but nothing too much as it can become a thorn in people’s eyes. Effective signage needs to be attention-grabbing, but only so much as you don’t want people avoiding you. While good attention-grabbing signage can be big and flashy letters, make sure to don’t go overboard as the mall owner wouldn’t allow it anyway. And while on the subject of lighting that puts us nicely to our next tip which is…

Img source: uniquekiosk.com

3. Lighting

Your mall kiosk will sit in a location that will be fairly lighted. Malls, in general, are not dark places, but you need more. Consider adding lights in a different color, but similar to your store niche in order to attract customers. Think about which color relates best to your mall kiosk niche. If your kiosk specializes in selling beauty products, then pink, blue, or even purple color is your go-to lighting.

4. Make it Interesting and Interactive

Mall kiosks are interesting and interactive by nature; however, when the busy hour hits no one will bother to stay around if you don’t make it interesting. Adding elements that will further increase your store’s presence by offering customers something interesting and interactive will be of benefit to you. Maybe put up a touch screen that displays all of your products so that customers don’t have to wait their turn to browse your inventory. Digital signs always spark something interesting, so they are also a good choice.