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How to know that you are in a good relationship?

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As we well know, every relationship at one time reaches the point where that special person is the one you are convinced you couldn’t live without. For most of us, looks, their job, or wealth is not what we consider to be important aspects of a relationship. The signs that you are with the right person for you is when they support, help you personally and professionally, and try to make your wishes and dreams come true.

Here are some things that you might notice if you are in a good and healthy relationship:

1. You only think about „what“ you want to say, and not „how“ you need to say it – when choosing our words carefully in order to express an idea, suggestion, or feedback in a personal or professional setting, we feel that we need to think more about how we say it rather than the core of what we need to say. On the other hand, when you are with the right person, you don’t need to think about how you want to say something, you just say it. This is partly because you know that they will understand you, no matter how you say it. One of the best things about saying something as it is is that your partner can help you work through the problems.

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2. The first person you tell about bad news is your partner, they are not the person you most fear to tell – when you have good news, your partner is the first person you are likely to tell it to. But what if something bad happens? Especially if that bad thing is partly your fault? Then it becomes a much harder conversation to have. However, if you are with the perfect person for you, it will probably be the first conversation you will want to have. You are sure that they will listen and then try to help you find a situation to make the bad thing better.

3. You don’t expect your partner to change overnight – if you are with someone for some time, they will probably know your habits. The good ones, and especially the bad ones. In short, your partner probably knows who you are, and instead of criticizing you, they are supportive and help you work through it. The right person knows the things about you, but they do not expect you to change overnight. They are willing to help you work through your quirks.

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4. You feel your partner listens more than they talk and they feel the same about you – staying open-ended and allowing room for description, introspection, and conversation. Asking the right questions and listening closely, should be a sign that they respect your thoughts, opinion, and in general you.

5. Your partner forgives and also forgets – when a person makes a mistake, it is easy for some people to constantly view that through the lens of mistake, or use the mistake for defending themselves in disagreements and arguments. When you are with the right person, they are proof that to forgive and forget may be the best things to happen in a relationship. It makes it more stable, healthy, and it will always allow space for good judgment.

All this relationship stuff is quite hard. Nowadays, relationships require lots of sweat but eventually, they are worth it. In case you need more advice, check out www.sociotelligence.com

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The right person sees the good in you. Over and over again, no matter what you do. Not only does the right person make you feel good, loved, and cherished, they can also help you prosper into a better person because sometimes, the main reason we are trying to be better is for them.