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A Couple Of Fun Facts About The Enchanting Pokemon Go

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We are all aware of the influence that the internet has had in the past few decades, and it would be a lie not to admit that it guides our society. It has become the largest source of information, effective marketplace and a free platform for global communication. Yes, when we pose it like that it has a lot of pros, but unconscious use of the internet may leave you in more than a trouble.

Now, kids are spending more time in front of their electronic screens than outside, and it is not how it was a few decades ago. Of course, we can’t blame them as it is the parents that gave them the relevant device. While there is nothing wrong about your children having occasional fun using a mobile phone or a tablet, they shouldn’t be bound to it for most of the day, but rather experience the world outside and meet new friends. One of the apps with an initial goal to provide such a result was Pokemon Go – and as soon as it was released millions of people have downloaded it. Though a few years have passed since its initial success, there are still people who enjoy it. Without further ado, let’s go ahead and take a look at the most entertaining facts about this anime-motivated app!

Fun Things About The Pokemon Go Community

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1. As soon as it was released, millions of Android and iOS users downloaded it and ran outside to catch their favorite Pokemon. And to be honest, Pokemon Go has taken the internet by the storm at that time as it was more popular than any other app out there as it allowed people to spend time outside and even meet others who were on the same quest. Very soon after, numerous Pokemon Go Promo Codes websites came out and people got totally invested in it waiting every day to get a chance for free cards, and coins.

2. Along with that, no fun-related app has given its users so much exercise as the Pokemon Go did. While unconscious use of it resulted in more than a few accidents, those people that were aware of the idea and did take care had quite a lot of fun and we bet that some even quit their gym memberships. Of course, there are people that just sit in their cars and do it the easy way – but there is no fun in it.

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3. It has completely revolutionized Nintendo as its sales have gone up for more than 30% since its release. And although the app might be taking a lot of data there is an obvious reason why – users are finally able to experience augmented reality in real life.

4. A Pokemon Go Plus sparked even more interest as now players don’t have to hand carry their mobile phones – on the contrary, they can put it away in the pocket, and wait for the phone to react once they are close to a certain catch. From there it is easy – one click and you have your reward!

5. Pokemon Go actually started out as a Google April’s fool trick – a specific advertisement gave users the virtual opportunity to get a job of Pokemon Master and go for a quest across the map. And that is when it all began.

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6. While there was certain news of crimes committed relating to Pokemon Go as certain players lured others into sneaky locations there is a bunch of positive outcomes as well; more than a few stories to tell on how random people ended up being a happy couple as they met on a Pokemon Gotta Catch Them All quest!


While Pokemon Go took the internet by the storm as soon as it was released, it still remains to be quite popular even a few years after. And if you are aware of the idea, and use it consciously, it can turn into a fun experience that connects virtual reality and outdoor environment. Who knows, maybe you will become the one that has them all?