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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Relationship Last

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Relationships go through ebbs and flows, with both happy and challenging periods. In the modern era, divorce rates and cynicism are on the rise. Is it possible to have a lasting relationship? More importantly, can it be easy?

All relationships require work, but there are ways to make the path ahead a little smoother. Here are seven easy ways to make your relationship last.

Communicate Your Needs and Goals

There are a lot of people who get into relationships wanting very different things out of their lives. Rather than talking about the disparity, they sweep it under the rug to deal with at a later date. In many cases, avoiding important conversations causes problems down the road. Even so, goals and needs change and evolve. Speak often about your dream of putting on the Azazie wedding dress you choose ages ago, and your partner has no desire to get married, you need to have that discussion early on.t the path ahead.

Be Considerate

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A few years ago, a man shared his story about his wife leaving him over a sink full of dirty dishes. The story went viral. Throughout his narrative, you see that it wasn’t about the dishes at all; it was about consideration for the other person. Being considerate is the easiest thing you can do in a relationship to make it last. If you know your partner hates when you leave wet towels on the floor, pick them up. If you know your partner had a hard day and bringing them home coffee will cheer them up, do it. And yes, they should do the same for you.

Know When to Be Together

It can be challenging to carve out time to spend together in an overly-connected, fast-paced world. Responsibilities and distractions get in the way of quality time, which is integral for a lasting relationship. Schedule a standing date, whether it’s Friday nights or an hour to reconnect after work without technology in the way and stick to the commitment.

Know When to Be Apart

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One of the challenges of being in a long-term relationship is a loss of identity or feeling defined by your relationship. Having children exacerbates this issue for a lot of couples. Finding time to spend together is important, but so is finding time to pursue your individual passions. Whether it’s heading to happy hour with your individual friends once every couple weeks or training for a run, give yourselves some space to be individuals in your partnership.

Try New Things Together

Monotony is the downfall of great relationships. People feel bored with the same old routine and miss the freshness of a new relationship, which can cause a breakdown. Step outside the box and try new things together. Whether it’s learning how to use spices in a cultural cooking class or spicing up things in the bedroom, trying new things together creates a shared experience of excitement and spontaneity.

Listen Attentively

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Most people listen to respond rather than listening to understand. Pay attention when your partner speaks, asking clarifying questions, and taking time to ensure you understand where they’re coming from before responding. Miscommunications can easily escalate into pointless arguments if someone doesn’t feel heard.

Accept That it’s Not Easy

One of the easiest ways to make your relationship last is to accept that it’s not always going to be easy. By acknowledging this, you know to push forward instead of giving up. Enjoy the good times and work through the bad; that’s the key to a lasting relationship.