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Why University Students Should Consider Living in Mile-Ex

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If you’re attending a university in Montreal, you likely want to stay as far away from school housing as possible. It’s just hard to feel like a grownup when you’re living on campus.

Fortunately, Mile-Ex is just a stone’s throw away from the area’s universities. Mile-Ex condos are currently hot with university students, so consider purchasing one.

Check out why this is such a great place to live if you’re in school.

Hang Out With Your Peers

When you buy one of the Mile-Ex condos, the first thing you’ll notice is you’re living among your peers. The neighborhood is filled with young artists and creative types and it has a cool vibe. You can even attend some block parties when you live here. Mile-Ex isn’t just a neighbourhood—it’s a real community and it’s perfect for university students.

The Food

Eating during your university years can be tough. No one really likes to eat in a university cafeteria, but you can skip those pre-packaged meals by getting one of the Mile-Ex condos. Your condo will put you close to a thriving dining scene. Grab a picnic basket from Dinette Triple Crown and chow down in the park or enjoy some communal dining at Restaurant Mile-Ex. These are just two of the many options when you live here. You certainly won’t go hungry in Mile-Ex.

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The Nightlife

What’s the first thing you want to do after taking a big test? You likely want to hang out with your friends and head over to a bar or club. When you live in one of the Mile-Ex condos, you don’t have to worry about calling a cab or a rideshare service to go out for the evening. You can just walk over to one of the hotspots, such as Alexanderplatz. This is the hippest bar in all of Montreal, and it’s located in Mile-Ex. This bar is only open during the warm months, but don’t feel sad when it closes for the season. The owners use that time off to plan for some fun events. When the bar reopens for the season, you can attend the night market and other popular events with your university friends.

It’s Become a Tech Hub

Mile-Ex has long been known as an artistic haven, but now it’s got another title to add to its resume. It’s become a hub for artificial intelligence, and that could be great news after you graduate. Microsoft Research Montreal is moving to Mile-Ex in the fall of 2019, and it plans to expand its engineering and research teams in the coming years. If you own one of the Mile-Ex condos, you’ll be in a prime location to land a job in artificial intelligence when you graduate.

And so Much More

There are countless reasons to pack your bags and head to Mile-Ex. This spot is a haven for university students, and you can join them by snatching up one of the Mile-Ex condos.