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Best Cities for Empty Nest Couples in Canada

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It’s finally happened. Your last child has just flown the coop, and you and your significant other are all alone. It’s normal to feel a little out of sorts when that happens, but you actually have a reason to feel excited. You aren’t tied to any specific part of Canada anymore.

Instead of just living somewhere to raise your kids, you can move somewhere that will truly make you happy. Check out the best cities for empty nesters, and then pick up a new piece of real estate in Canada.

Saguenay, Quebec

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Saguenay, Quebec is an excellent choice for empty nesters. First, residents here are happier than any other place in Canada. More than three-quarters report a life satisfaction level of at least 8. It’s no wonder why either. With the Saguenay Fjord National Park, the St. Lawrence River, and other natural sights, you can spend lots of time enjoying the great outdoors when you live here. That will give you ample time to bond with your significant other. Plus, all that fresh air is good for your health and mood.

Greater Sudbury, Ontario

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You can also expect to live a happy life if you move to Greater Sudbury. This city has 330 lakes, which is impressive by any standard. It also has a science center and more, so you can stay busy when you live here. Include this on your list of real estate in Canada. You just might find your dream home here.

Thunder Bay, Ontario

If you love the water, you might want to look for real estate in Canada that’s located in Thunder Bay. You can swim, boat, and fish when it’s warm out, and you can also visit Mount McKay. Then, of course, you can catch the Thunder Bay North Stars and Lakehead Thunderwolves in action.

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Quebec City

Have you and your loved one talked about moving to Europe? That’s a fun idea, but you still want to be somewhat close to the kids. You can enjoy that European feel without leaving the country by moving to Quebec City. The cobblestone lanes will make you feel like you’re in Europe, but you can still enjoy Canadian delicacies like maple syrup. It truly is the best of both worlds.

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Sherbrooke, Quebec

Do you and your partner want to enjoy an active lifestyle now that the kids are out of the nest? Look for real estate in Canada that’s located in Sherbrooke. You can go skiing and snow tubing here, and you can also stroll the streets and look at the outdoor murals. Plus, the area churns out some of the finest maple syrup in the country. There are so many reasons to pick up real estate in Canada that’s located in Sherbrooke.

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Where Do You Want to Buy Real estate in Canada?

With so many great options, it’s just a matter of personal choice. You are in full control over where you live now, so look for real estate in Canada that’s located in your city of choice.