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What Women Say to Not Getting Health Insurance

Source: aarp.org

Most people admit that health is the most important thing in life. Yet many, especially women, fail to look after it the right way. A shocking number even goes about their lives without the right individual health insurance to protect them. So, what’s the excuse?

For women, there are four common excuses for not having health insurance cover. It’s important to examine them to ensure you aren’t one of these women making these claims – if you are, you have to stop and take care of yourself!

I’m healthy so I won’t need to pay for health insurance

The top reason people avoid getting health insurance is their health. They are feeling just fine, they might be making healthy life choices, and so they think they don’t need it. But you buy food even when your not hungry because you know you will be in the future, so why would you think you’ll never get sick?

The truth is that the cost of care is going to be a lot higher if you didn’t have health insurance than if you did. With individual health insurance, you are paying for the future. You are protecting yourself from future catastrophes.

The truth is that most people are going to need medical care at some point. You might run into an accident that wasn’t your fault. The fact that most of us have to live in big crowded cities with air pollution means many have to deal with health problems. All of us age – age related illness is not really a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

So, don’t put off getting insured just because you feel like you don’t need it right this very moment.

I don’t have enough money to afford health insurance

Women are often paid less than men and this can cause all sorts of problems. However, health insurance is available in all sorts of affordable price packages. Not earning enough is not sufficient reason – you just have to find the policy you can afford.

Furthermore, your lower income is generally the biggest reason you need health insurance. If you made a fortune, then sudden hospital payments might not be a big deal. But if you don’t make a lot, you might even start avoiding checking your health issues with doctors. This will only lead to problems –you might get worse and you can’t go to work. You lose your job and then you have to use all your savings to pay for the care you need.

Instead, you should look at your expenses and find ways to make it possible to pay for health insurance. Just keep looking and take this investment – it’ll pay off in the future.

Source: nextavenue.org

I will have my husband or father deal with the insurance

Many women still avoid taking responsibility and instead, expect the man in their life to take care of it. Whilst you might be covered under your husband or father’s insurance, you should consider having individual health insurance – because it adds independence and security to your life!

The problems can come if your father dies or you end up divorcing your husband. Either man might even lose their job and then suddenly no one is insured. It’s much better for any adult to have their own health insurance.

I have health insurance provided with my employer

It’s true that most employed women will have an employer provided health insurance. But there are many reasons this isn’t a reason to avoid getting individual health insurance.

First, you can’t guarantee your job is permanent. In the tough economic times, employers have to make tough decisions at times. When you’re between jobs, you wouldn’t be covered and this could end up being catastrophic.

You’ll also retire at some point. Getting health insurance when your older can be costlier – it’s much better to get covered when you’re young. You can prepare for your future and make retirement more stress free if you are covered early.

Finally, you might find your employer’s health insurance insufficient. They don’t always have the widest cover. Perhaps not including things like maternity care or even psychological issues. You don’t want just the basics but as good insurance as you can get.

Find the right cover for your needs

Did the above sound familiar? If it did, you have to stop making the excuse and act. Your health is an important and precious thing – you can’t ever treat it wrong because you don’t deserve that. You should be healthy and happy and finding the right individual health insurance can help.

So, go online and start looking. Compare different policies and pick the one that suits your situation. And don’t forget to spread the word to all the women around you! Looking after your health is important.