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Visiting Florence – 5 Things to Know Before Traveling

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Florence, the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region, is a city recognized for masterpieces of art, impressive buildings, marble churches, large squares full of sculptures, bridges over the Arno River, and the tastiest cuisine in Europe.

Don’t miss this post with the attractions you should not miss if you visit the cradle of the Renaissance.

Piazza del Duomo

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Located in the historical center, Piazza del Duomo stands out for hosting three of the best things to see in Florence: the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Battistero di San Giovanni, and the Campanile de Giotto, all built of white and green marble.

As DestinationFlorence.com recommends, it is advisable to visit the Cathedral of Santa María del Fiore through one of the tours in Florence Italy, so as not to miss the details of its fascinating history and construction. There you can see the impressive dome of Brunelleschi, where you will enjoy the best views of the city. On the other hand, it is worth entering to appreciate the scenes of the Last Judgment inside the dome.

In the Battistero di San Giovanni, you will find the Gate of Paradise of Ghiberti, which depicts scenes from the Old Testament and incredible mosaics on the walls.

The bell tower of the Cathedral is the Campanile de Giotto. It has a height of almost 85 meters and becomes another impressive view of the city of Florence.

Uffizi Gallery and Gallery of the Academy of Florence

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As we mentioned, Florence is the headquarters of masterpieces of art. That is why you should not miss any of these galleries. If you want to see the impressive “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli, you must go to the Uffizi Gallery, the most famous museum in the city. One key we recommend is to check out in advance to save queue hours.

On the other hand, in the Gallery of the Academy of Florence, you will find the most famous sculpture in the world: David, the masterpiece of Michelangelo recognized worldwide.

3. Ponte Vecchio

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One of the most beautiful medieval bridges in the world is located on the Arno River and is recognized for its hanging houses on the sides that have become luxury stores.

It is one of the essential corners when visiting Florence, Ponte Vecchio was the only bridge that was not destroyed during the Second World War in the city.

4. Piazza Della Signoria

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It is the most famous square in Florence, next to Piazza del Duomo, and one of the main attractions of the city.

An open-air museum where you will find sculptures, monuments, and buildings where the Palazzo Vecchio stands out with its impressive Cinquecento Hall, the fountain of Neptune, and the marble sculptures of Hercules and Caco.

5. Boboli Garden

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One of the most beautiful places to relax, enjoy, and disconnect from the city, without a doubt, is the Boboli Garden.

Located behind Pitti Palace, this 45,000-square-meter Renaissance garden, has an amphitheater, fountains, sculptures, grottos, and various attractions. The history of the park began in 1550 when the Medici family bought the Palazzo Pitti, and by 1766 it was opened to the public.


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Florentine food has based since its inception on fresh food from the agricultural areas around the city. Simple recipes with mixtures of essential and rustic ingredients that make thousands of tourists fall in love all year round. Bread is a crucial piece that accompanies the dishes; Tuscan Bread is traditionally cooked in a wood oven.

The first course usually consists of seafood. The second is a dish of steak Alla Fiorentina, a good steak grilled, and finally, the typical dessert is the Santucci, which are almond cakes, with sweet wine.

What if you don’t have much time for the visit?

Do not worry; in just 48 hours, you can enjoy the best of Florence. It is necessary to have a good location, the best tips for not wasting time, and a tour previously designed to appreciate the art, cuisine, and historical beauty of this great city.

We will give you the tips to make the most of this city:

Walk: Florence is a small city, you can walk it on foot

The photo: locate yourself on the bridge of “La Santa Trinidad” if you want Ponte Vecchio in the background. Observe street artists who stand out all over the world for their art. The streets are rich in culture.

Economic data: museums are free every first Sunday of the month (throughout Italy)

Ticket: there is one of them that costs € 15 and includes the Battistero de San Giovani, The Duomo Opera Museum and the Campanile, purchased directly at the Campanile. Whether you are planning to stay longer or just for 48 hours, Florence is the ideal city to

enjoy Tuscany: its flavors, its culture, and its people. Do not forget to visit those places. Have you started packing yet?