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Summer Holidays in Italy: Top Beaches in Tuscany

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The Tuscany region is irrefutably one of the most preferred destinations in Italy. Apart from the wonders of the land and sea, the area is a historic repository of the traditional Italian culture. The architecture displays conventional Italian era as well as a pop culture making the region an excitement to almost any generation of travelers. It is when you get to the beach category that you realize most tourists are spoilt for choice. To make it easy for you, here is a list of memorable beach areas to include in your Tuscan bucket list:

Versilia Area

Viareggio, Camaiore, Pietrasanta, Forte Dei Marmi, Camaiore, Marina di Carrara

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If you are looking for a royal experience in a high-end beach area, Versilia is the place. The area is popular for a thrilling summer nightlife making it the best place to visit when you close down at the end of September. The beach area covers a vast land stretching from Forte Dei Marmi to the delightful Viareggio area. Deckchairs and umbrellas are available courtesy of several bathing establishments that provide changing rooms, showers, including bars and snack areas.

Versilia is the perfect place for families who wish to have a comfortable and exciting beach life catching the sunrays without stress. You can take romantic evening walks along the promenade running behind the beach as you catch the cool breeze of the waters.

Pisa Area

Calambrone, Tirrenia, Marina di Pisa

Pisa is at the south of Tuscany, the beaches here are narrower, and shorter compared to other areas. Most of the beaches in Pisa feature copses and stretches of actual woodland behind the sands. Pisa beaches experience strong currents and thanks to Mother Nature, Marina di Pisa is protected and guarded by tracts of large rock walls. Part of the reason why Pisa is popular around the world is the “leaning tower”. The area harbors part of the Italian history as reflected by backdated monuments of the Cathedral and the Baptistery.

Livorno Area

Antignano, Quercianella, Vada di Rosignano Marittimo, Castiglioncello, Cecina, Marina di Bibbona, Castagneto Carducci, Marciana Marina-La Fenicia, Riotorto-Piombino, San Vincenzo

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Livorno area holds most of the popular Tuscan beaches. Antignano to Rosignano, Rosignano to Ritorto, the experience is compared to no other place in Italy. The historic towns offer boardwalks, and transport is readily available for travelers. Although not all beaches are categorized as “blue flag”, travelers still have the benefit of visiting these incredible places. Cecina, Vada, and Castiglioncello are on the coast making the town easy to reach with both private and public transport. Livorno area usually experiences calm waters and provide great areas to visit if you have kids tagging along in your trip. Traveling experts further recommend checking and confirming the weather condition before grabbing the lotion and towel.

Maremma Area

Castiglione Della Pescaia, Follonica, Marina di Grosseto, Monte Argentario, Principina di Grosseto

Also known as, Grosseto, the Maremma area is popular among the locals and tourists. Affordable apartments are available and most travelers rent the units especially the ones along the coastline during summer.

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Friendly beaches for families

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The friendliness of Tuscany beaches largely depends on the age of the kids. Calm and sandy beaches with minimal waves are great for small infants and toddlers. Older kids would love to explore the rocks and pools trying to figure out the mysteries of nature. It would be appropriate to visit almost the entire coast provided the weather is right. Versilia and Maremma beaches are sandy and are great for toddlers. The Etruscan coast, on the other hand, is great for older kids, including Val di Cornia’s Baratti and Sterpaia area, which are more protected from winds and the waves tend to be calmer.

Apart from the beach life, you can encounter other varied events and places during your Tuscany trip. From breathtaking panoramas to excellent wine and cuisine, the Tuscany region in Italy is a complete tour package.