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Five Things You Did Not Know About Celiac Disease

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A lot of people are familiar with common allergies such as the ones to peanuts or nuts, and though most people think that celiac is an allergy, it is so much more than that. Celiac is an autoimmune disorder that is genetically transferred from one or both parents and it causes damage to the small intestine every time an individual consumes gluten. The text below will help you discover five things that you might not know about this condition. Let’s take a look:

1. People Cannot Grow Out Of It

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You probably know that children that have allergies during their childhood can sometimes outgrow it, however, people with celiac cannot do the same. To understand it better, it is an autoimmune illness just like arthritis and type 1 diabetes.

People cannot outgrow it as they age and it will not disappear even if individuals control their meals and symptoms. It will require them to pay attention during their entire life, as well as being extremely careful.

2. There Are More Than 300 Symptoms Associated With This Disease

If you are sensitive to gluten, you might think that your symptoms are the same as the symptoms connected to this illness. But, that is not entirely true since there are more than 300 symptoms that come with this condition. While you experience digestive problems, the symptoms connected to celiac include weakness, migraines, osteoporosis, weight loss, tiredness, and so on.

People can also experience rashes and joint pain. There are various symptoms, hence, it can be difficult to diagnose the illness. If you suspect of being affected by this condition, you can, for example, opt for the Imaware™ blood test kit that you can take at home.

3. The Smallest Amounts of Gluten Can Cause Illness

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Gluten is a protein that can be found in wheat, barley, rye, and other similar ingredients. And although you might think that they can simply avoid these ingredients, it is not that easy since there are so many things they need to avoid.

Even the smallest amounts of gluten can make people affected by celiac seriously ill. It goes so far that they can even get sick because they ate something that was prepared in a pot that was used for cooking food that has gluten in it.

4. Nutritional Deficiencies Are Common

Gluten does not have to be a part of any diet, however, individuals suffering from this disease commonly have nutritional deficiencies – even if they consume or entirely avoid gluten. Their bodies often lack vitamin D, calcium, folate, iron, zinc, and other necessary nutrients and vitamins. Not consuming gluten is not the only obstacle they need to cross.

5. There is No Cure

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There is no pharmaceutical option for curing this illness. The only treatment plan that works is to have a gluten-free diet. One of the most important things people need to do is to be careful about what they consume and read the labels of every product they buy to avoid accidentally consuming gluten.


As you can see, celiac disease is not something that should be taken likely. There is a wide range of symptoms that can occur, hence, make sure that you see a doctor or buy a home test kit that will tell you whether or not you have the illness.