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Verify Your Email and Boost your Business

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Email marketing is probably one of the best ways to drive traffic, generate business and improve customer engagement. That is why marketing and sales professionals are always interested in building quality mailing lists. Email marketing provides an amazing ROI (about 3500%).

No wonder people are pursuing email marketing so aggressively. However, if you have tried email marketing, you probably have experienced returns that were far below your expectations and you are wondering why your email marketing strategy is not producing any results?

There could be multiple reasons, however, the usual major culprit is the quality of your subscribers or email contacts. If your mailing list has email addresses that are role-based, incorrect or spam traps, your email deliverability will suffer considerably. And that will reduce your email marketing ROI.

So how do you improve the quality of your email list? The answer to this question is always email verification.

What is email verification?

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Email verification or email validation is the process of verifying the quality and accuracy of a certain email address. Email verification will separate all the addresses that are fake or abandoned. This process of email verification begins by checking the syntax of the email address is correct. Here are some examples of bad address syntax:

– Mistyped two dots in the email addresses

– Missing –com, -org or other internet domain suffixes

– Having space in an email address

– If the @ sign is missing

– A dot missing between the domain and the extension (-com, -org, etc)

The next step of the verification tool is to check if the domain name is valid. Once that it has found that it is ok, an advanced technical part of the process begins. They ascertain the validity of the email address. After the verification process completes, the tool will display the results. Each email address is classified under categories like Accept-All, Role-Based, Free Service, Safe to Send, Invalid and so on.

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Based on these results, you can choose how you want to do with these email addresses. Whether you will retire them, quarantine them or continue sending your emails.

Benefits of email verification

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Here are some of the various benefits you can get out of email verification services

Reduces email bounces

The email verification results are detailed. They will tell you which address is role-base, which one is undeliverable and which is safe to send and so on. With all this information, you can choose to remove addresses that won’t be delivered safely.

As a result, you will start seeing that all your outgoing emails are getting delivered. With a cleaned list through an email verification service, you will see almost no email bounces.

Accuracy of your data

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High-quality data is vital for success in digital marketing. The results of validating an email list will tell you all about the quality of the data. If the quality of your email list data is high, you know that you are on the right track. However, if you see a large number of incorrect or undeliverable addresses, you will know that you need to improve some things.