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Email Marketing: How to Do it Properly?

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Why is email marketing important?

Everyone has an email account. There are more email accounts than there are Facebook or Instagram accounts combined meaning you can always count on reaching your customers via email. There are numerous new tech trends each year and they are constantly changing our online habits. However, email is one thing we’re not giving up or showing any attention of giving up any time soon. There are currently more than 3 and a half billion email users in the world and that number is constantly rising. It’s reasonable that businesses want to use that in their advantage.

The great majority of marketers say that their biggest source or ROI is email, while around 72 percent of people prefer to receive promotional content through email instead of social media. That is why there is a huge number of email marketing solutions currently on the market.

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How to run a successful email marketing campaign

An email marketing campaign is a process of sending emails from businesses to customers. The goal is to reach numerous customers, or potential customers, easily and quickly and get them to engage with your business. This can lead to more sales and bigger conversion rates. By sending emails you’re reminding customers of your business which will keep them active and they will have you on their mind next time they’re in need of a service or a product that you’re offering.

1. You need to establish a sizable email list. Offer something to the users that they will enjoy as you need a good incentive when asking for an address. You need to interest the users into receiving your emails and you can do that by offering something like interesting content, information, coupons, free downloads, or similar.
Experts at TheChecker warn that 1 out of 5 emails isn’t delivered due to problems with IP or domains, which is a problem definitely worth solving.

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2. Define your goals in detail. Before running any kind of marketing campaign, you need to know what it is that you’re trying to achieve and it’s not different with an email marketing campaign. Do you want to welcome new subscribers or offer something to your existing subscribers? Depending on the goal, the content will differ significantly.

3. Now, you need good content. Once you got new subscribers, you have to work hard to keep them around which means you need high-quality content. Deliver what you promised, no more and no less. If you said you’re going to be sending emails daily or weekly with updates on your prices or new content, then that is exactly what you have to provide. Do it more often, and you’ll bore your users into unsubscribing, do it less frequently, and you’re inconsistent and untrustworthy. It seems like a minor detail, but it can say a lot about you to users. You want your users to remember subscribing to your newsletter. Maintain your regular email routine and make sure you don’t just surprise your users with an email. That means you’ve been inactive for a long time and, after receiving an email they weren’t expecting, there is a good chance user will figure out they don’t really need you in their inbox.