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Top 5 Best Apps to Track Your Kids Smartphone

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The time we live in imposes its own rules, requires attention to details, and constant energy invested in parenting. As simple as it may seem to be parenting today is a totally different story. Exposing your children to social media, interacting on social networks, makes them vulnerable to wrong influence at a young age. Recognizing the situation is the first step, and the next is taking adequate actions to the benefit of your beloved children. A suitable way to monitor, track, check out your children online activities and free time is with apps for smartphones that allow you to help them. We have done the homework and have prepared five best apps to monitor for your children’s smartphone.


Depending on the age your children are, you opt for a specific app that recognizes your most significant worries. Bark is one such app that is constructed to deal with potential Cyberbullying and to ensure the online precise, careful monitoring is on a plan. Analyzing the complete data from your children’s online activities allows the app the focus on the individual’s digital history combined with the send or received context to point out to cyberbullying. Bark app send’s the notification to parents on both sides, usually taking instant measures like blocking the bully online in the process.


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According to the research, the mSpay app is the number one used app around the globe for cell phone tracking. Additionally, to a pint -pointing to the exact location of your children it simultaneously offers you the call log, what app they use, view of all their text, etc. After reaching highly respected results in monitoring your children, the most significant influence was in the behavior of teenagers who spent over eight hours a day using online activities to communicate and organize their offline happenings. Highly practical and similar to this app is the help from xyspy.com/whatsapp-hack.


Mamabear is an app that has put the bar up for any app in this field. Offering you plenty of features to use but famous for Social media monitoring, which allows you to see Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, activity. The app notifies you when your child receives inappropriate language (via restricted words list), or even bullying on their profile when posted. Every check-in, uploaded photos, and new tags will be sent to you for checking. When your teen crosses the speed limit while driving, you will be notified instantly and aware of the happenings.

Screen Time

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Screen time is an app devoted to easing the burden of not spending enough time with your youngest ones, but instead to monitor their spent time on the smartphone. The app offers the parents the chance to limit the time their children spent on the smartphone and let them be children outside the world of their phones. You will be able to see which app is used the most and assign tasks to your children like chores and homework.


Too many times you have sent text on which you have no received answers, right? The RespondASAP app is the helping hand in this matter, offering you the benefit to always get a response from your children. This app instantly freezes your children’s phone taking over its screen while starting the alarm. The mentioned process demands the child calls his parents to have his smartphone in function again. Emergency calls allow your children to call only their parents or 911 when the phone is totally locked and without other usual features.