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Why Is Monitoring Your Kids’ Smartphone Necessary?


Thanks to their convenience and fast and unlimited access to a variety of tools, information, and media, smartphones and the Internet have become a necessity in our daily lives.

In today’s time and age, it is not rare to see people constantly staring at their phones wherever you go. At cafe’s and restaurants, on public transport, even in libraries and parks. This especially applies to children and teenagers who have grown up in the technological age and have not experienced a life without technology or the Internet.


Although parents are disposed to allow their children to use smartphones and their tools, most of them have a fear of the negative effects and dangers that come with this.

Here are some reasons why monitoring your children’s smartphone activity might be crucial in keeping them safe:

Too Much Screen Time Can Cause Health Issues


Extensive research has been done on the effects screen time can have on children. Problems like obesity, difficulty sleeping, or poor eyesight are just some of them. Too much smartphone use might also cause behavioral problems or even violence since children might get agitated if you try taking their electronic devices away.

By monitoring and controlling the time spent using such technology, your child can learn how to use the devices responsibly and appropriately.

Cyberbullying And Exposure to Inappropriate Content

Everyone wants to make friends and fit in, so as a child gets older, the validation of their peers becomes that much more important. Unfortunately, at certain times, bullying may emerge. At the same time, with unlimited access to many websites, your child might be exposed to information or images that are far from appropriate for their age.

Protecting your children from such instances is crucial, and there are ways you can protect them from this. Setting up parental control on their smartphone is one way of doing it. By having access to their messaging apps or social media sites, even their browsing history, you will be able to check what your child is being exposed to and what kind of words are being exchanged in the process. You can have oversight of the apps that are on their phone and successfully block one’s you find dangerous or damaging.

If you are unsure on how to do this, you can check out phonetracking.net for ideas and information.

Brain Development and Social Skills

Overuse of technology can slow down brain growth and affect the development of problem-solving and critical thinking skills. It might also affect your child’s impulse control, which can lead to poor decision making or acting out. Spending too much time with technology can hinder your child’s social skills and prevent them from developing healthy real-life relationships, also making them reclusive and shy.


As parents, there is only so much you can do to protect your children. By being aware of the dangers and problems technology poses to your kid, and at the same time teaching them how to live responsibly and safely in the digital world is an important and necessary life lesson.