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Tara Strong Net Worth 2018/2019

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Tara Strong is the popular Canadian-American voice actress who has featured in lots of different cartoons and animated movies to date. In addition, she’s also an active business woman. Her voice has featured in quite a few video games as well. Her best performance came in “The Fairly Odd Parents” where her voice as used to dub “Timmy Turner”. A few of her other hit characters include “Bubbles” from “Power Puff Girls” and “Raven” from Teen Titans. Her business and her work as a voice artist has helped her build a $10 million net worth which is something not so common these days.

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Tara entered the field of entertainment at a young age of 13 years and her very first mainstream cartoon for which her voice was used was “Hello Kitty’s Furry Tale Theatre”. She voiced that over in 1987 and this was just the launch of her successful career.  
Tara joined hands with her husband to launch a company of their own under the name “Voice Starz”. The company’s aim is to teach how one can get into voice-over business. Furthermore, the couple has a business line of their own called “BabaBaby” which is a unique “baby bottles” type.  

Tara has also appeared in some popular TV programs like “I Know that Voice”, “King of the Nerds”, “Thomas Sanders”, and “Hollywood and Hyland”. Some of her most recent works include “Injustice 2”, “The Despicable Me 3”, and “Minions”. Lending her voice for these projects helped her generate some nice revenue as well.  

Nowadays, Tara is busy with quite a few different shows such as “Bunsen is a beast”, “The Looney Tunes Show”, and “Bravest Warriors”. All this work, and many others, are helping her to add a significant amount to her net worth. She generates some consistent revenue through all the voice-over ventures she is part of as well as different business projects she is taking. However, her per-project earnings haven’t been revealed anywhere to date.  

She really is a vibrant business women and a lady who’s got herself busy quite vigilantly in variety of projects. What’s even better is that she has been dealing all these ventures quite skillfully as well. Since the start of her career, she has spread her voice’s magic at all stages and has managed to gross a hefty net worth. She really is an inspiration for many.  

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Personal Information

Tara Strong is from Ontario and that is where she had spent her entire childhood. She was born on 12th February, 1973 to Lucy and Syd Charendoff. She also has an older sister whose name is Marla. She married Craig – the former actor from America – in 2000 and they have two sons who live with them.