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The Best Xbox One Games That Will Blow Your Mind

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Excitement, adventure, and some terrific monsters – with Xbox One games, you’re in for a wild ride. So get your friends (and enemies) together to explore new worlds, fight monsters and even find time for a little farming and crafting on the side. With new hits like the bestfortnites and Gleaner Heights as well as old classics like Resident Evil and Borderlands, you can choose shooting games, action adventures, treasure hunts, quests and even pursuits like farming and becoming a hotshot defense attorney.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of the best Xbox One games, including new versions of the classics and new releases.

All-time Favorites

These are the games that are constantly being reinvented, as the worlds, roles, and storylines become richer and more detailed. There’s a reason why these games are enduring cult classics, and you about find out why.

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Fortnite was first released by Epic Games in 2017 and has quickly become a favorite with players. There have been three versions released so far: Fortnite: Save the World, followed by Fortnite Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. Players have to fight off zombie-like creatures and defend fortifications. This is a shooting game with a twist – construction. Players can build fortifications and battlefield structures. In Fortnite Creative, they can design and build entire worlds and battle arenas. Save the World is a player versus the environment mode while Battle Royale is player versus player, that can accommodate up to a hundred players. Battle Royale added around 125 million players in its first year, which is some indication of the popularity of the game.

Monster Hunter World is the latest release from CapCom of this cult classic, set in the detailed and rich environment of the New World. In this role-playing action adventure, players can customize their roles. The goal is to kill the dragonlike monsters and harvest loot. There’s a bewildering variety of environments and monsters, so you never run out of new challenges. For new players, there can be a steep learning curve, but the game is more immersive as you get better at it. In 2019, players look forward to a crossover with The Witcher, as Geralt enters the New World through a portal.

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Resident Evil 5, also from CapCom, takes players into a world of horror to battle against the sinister Umbrella Corporation and the monsters it creates. The series has been described as smart and scary, and Resident Evil 5 lays down the challenge for players: “You will not live to see the dawn.” The original Japanese name of the series, Biohazard, gives some idea of the kinds of monsters players will be facing. This is the game for zombie apocalypse fans. With two-player co-op mode, at least you’ve got back up.

Prey from Arkane is a horror survival game. Payers take on the role of Morgan Yu, a human survivor on the space station Talos I. The space station has been taken over hostile aliens collectively called the Typhon. The goal is to defeat the Typhon by destroying the aliens and taking over their powers like shapeshifting. The action takes place on board the space station and also in space. Survival is not a given, and there are many possible endings to the story.

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Borderlands from 2K Games was first released in 2009 and has both single player and co-op modes. The players take on the roles of four Vault Hunters whose task is to find a stash of alien technology, known as The Vault, on a distant planet. Missions send players out to explore the world, fight the local monsters and bandits, and prevent a private corporate army from reaching the vault first.

New Releases

Among new releases for 2019, there are plenty of action adventures and shooter games, but also other pursuits like farming, questing and seeking justice through the law.

Gleaner Heights is set in a farming community where players can tend their animals, chop wood, cook, make crafts, plant crops, and repair buildings. With over thirty different villages, this is a rich and complex world. It has a deep history and hidden monsters. There’s a treasure to find and a secret that could destroy the town.

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Royal Roads is a quest in a classic fairytale world with elves, goblins, and a lost princess who must reclaim her throne. With engaging graphics and inspiring music as a backdrop, players must help the princess find the wicked witch and neutralize her.

Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney from CapCom is a role-playing game where players have to save the world, but not by shooting anyone. Instead, they get to role-play the eponymous defense attorney, sharpening their legal minds and debating skills in courtroom dramas. They can carry out investigations or appear in courtroom trials, and the ultimate reward is helping to save innocent clients from wrongful murder convictions.

From older classic games reinvented to new releases, there’s a large variety of mind-blowing games for Xbox One, guaranteed to keep you and your friends entertained for a long time.