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The Best Supplement You Need for Muscle Gain

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Training to gain muscle means that you need to push your body to the limits. In order to promote muscle gain, the process involves both nutrition and training to create a challenge that makes the muscle fibers breakdown, repair and grow and hence, you cannot remain in your comfort zone. In fact, you need to keep increasing the volume and intensity of your workouts to ensure that you promote this process of stressing and adapting your muscles to increase in mass. However, this demand on your body follows that you have to feed the body’s caloric and nutrition needs. Also, you need to add the right supplements to promote the recovery process of your muscles, which allows for faster muscle gain. However, with so many supplements on offer, you need to ensure you are taking only the best.

Whey Protein

When building muscle, protein is crucial for protein synthesis. This is how muscles grow and adapt to recover quickly. Protein helps in growth as well and therefore, whey protein as a supplement for your muscle gain journey makes for a great post-workout consumption. Not only is this supplement easily absorbed into your body but also, it is digested which is great for faster recovery time.

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B-Nox Androush

This is great for pre-workout consumption. The bullnox preworkout is a nitric oxide with a blend designed to boost testosterone and hence increase the aggression of the body for a more sustained energy rush. This, therefore, helps you increase your training’s volume and intensity which fastens the muscle breakdown process and therefore helps promote muscle growth.


Creatine is one of the most popular supplements for muscle gain and it is targeted at improving the size, performance, and strength by increasing the ATP’s resynthesize. This is the most immediate energy source for the body, and hence, thanks to Creatine’s resynthesize increase, you can be able to work out for longer at a higher intensity.

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Instant BCAA’s

These are Branched Chain Amino Acids that have been instantiated. The amino acids include Isoleucine, Valine and Leucine. BCAA supplements help in protein synthesis and have the added effect of reducing breakdown and soreness of muscles after working out. It is therefore suited for intense muscle building exercises.

These are the top picks when it comes to supplements that will promote faster muscle growth. They are variously targeted at either pre-workout or post-workout purpose. Hence it will improve your rate of gaining muscle while aiding in the recovery process as well.